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The Popular Hairy Fruits That Most People Love


About the rambutan

The hairy fruit in this context refer to the popular rambutan. The name of this fruit comes from the Malay word for hair, rambut.

It is a particularly apt description, for the rambutan looks like a bright red golf ball covered with whiskery hair. These hairs are flexible and not sharp.

What’s special about the rambutan

The rambutan is a rather peculiar and yet popular fruit in Malaysia. Native to South East Asia, the rambutan is available throughout the year in Malaysia.

Usually you can see heaps of rambutan for sale at fruit stalls by the streets. The cost of rambutan is cheap. For a few ringgits, you can get plenty of them.


The juicy and delicious rambutan

The flesh of the rambutan

The rambutan has an oval of white flesh with an elongated smooth stone embedded in the centre. Some varieties of rambutan are almost freestone, but in others some of the flesh clings to the stone.

You can ask to sample a fruit before committing yourself to buying. There is also a variety of rambutan with golden skin, although the interior of the fruit is no different from the red-skinned variety.

How does the rambutan taste

The flavor of a good ripe rambutan is sweet with a mere hint of acid, and it is juicy and delicious. Rambutans are rich in vitamin C. To open the rambutan, twisty it with both hands; luckily the absence of sap makes it pleasurable to eat straight from the hand.

rambutan flesh

The snowy white rambutan flesh!

If you are in holidaying in Malaysia, don’t forget to sample this delicious fruit that can be eaten as an afternoon snack that is packed with plenty of Vitamin C!

Other fruits in Malaysia that you might be interested

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  • Durian – The durian might seem controversial due to its overpowering odor; it’s actually very special in terms of taste and sweetness.
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