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The King of All Fruits in Malaysia


About the Durians

Ever wonder which fruit is loved by Malaysian the most? It’s absolutely the durian which is regarded as the “King of all Fruits”? The durian is not only famous in Malaysia it’s also the most highly prized fruit within the Southeast Asia region. The durian might seem controversial due to its overpowering odor; it’s actually very special in terms of taste and sweetness.

Smell and Taste of the Durians

Because of its strong odor, it’s the only fruit that is banned from airline cabins, hotels and some public transports. Because of its strong smell, most people can’t even get near to it, let alone eat it. But trust me, once you have a taste of it flesh, you will start to like it. If you are holidaying in Malaysia, try to get a taste of the durian as most of them are freshly harvested in Malaysia.

The durian is native to Southeast Asia. The size of durian is about the size of a soccer ball. Its skin is tough and spiky which can actually hurt you. Beneath the tough skin are segments of enclosure which hold the cream-colored flesh of the durian.


Cream-Color Flesh inside the Durian

Why Malaysians Love the Durians

The durian is reputed by locals as the “King of Fruits” due to its tough outlook and also that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. It is claimed to be dangerous to drink alcohol when consuming durians.

The Chinese believe the durian is very “heaty” to the body when eaten in plenty. To counter the ‘heaty” effect of the durian, the Chinese believe one must drink water using the empty durian husk as the cup.

How to Buy and Pick the Best Durians

As soon as the durian falls or being harvested, it must be eaten within hours. When you are buying durian, try to avoid durian which has split open as the flesh deteriorates quickly when exposed to the air. The durian season is between June to August in Malaysia.

During this period, you will see plenty of stalls sprung up near durian orchards or in special markets in towns. Occasionally, you can see piles of durians for sale along the road sides when you are driving around cities and villages.

Durian D101

D101 is a type of Durian hybrid

Most durian lovers in Malaysia cannot wait to take the fruit home and ask the vendor to op not so they cam eat it immediately. They are plenty of durian hybrids in Malaysia and each has its special taste such as some contains a bit of bitter taste while others are sweeter.

Therefore, when buying durian in Malaysia, you should ask the vendors on the types of hybrid and its taste. And don’t forget to bargain with the vendors. The vendors usually will jack the price higher and expect you to haggle with them on the prices.

In short, while you are holidaying in Malaysia, try to get some freshly plucked durian off the tree or your trip won’t be complete without tasting this “King of all Fruits”.

Other Fruits in Malaysia That You May Want to Try

  • Mangosteen (Manggis) – Regarded as the queen of fruits in Malaysia, the mangosteen is considered as a perfect balance to the rich “heatiness” of the durian due to the mangosteen “cooling” effect.
  • Jackfruit (Nanga) – The jackfruit is one of many delicious tropical fruits that you must taste. In Malay term, the jackfruit is referred to as “Nanga”.
  • Rambutan – The name of this fruit comes from the Malay word for hair, rambut. It is a particularly apt description, for the rambutan looks like a bright red golf ball covered with whiskery hair.
  • Duku – Duku is one of the favorite tropical fruits among Malaysians. Duku is a name in Malay and its botanical family is Meliaceae. Duku is native to Malaysia and is regarded as one of the most delicious of all fruits in Malaysia.
  • Sapodilla (Ciku) – The sapodilla might not be a familiar tropical fruit to a lot of people, even for Malaysians, but it is certainly one of the best in Malaysia.
  • Starfruit (Belimbing) – As the name implies, the starfruit looks like a five-pointed star when you cut a cross section of this fruit. The starfruit is also referred to as carambola.
  • Pomelo (Limau Gedang) – The pomelo is a favorite tropical fruit among all races in Malaysia. It’s available throughout the year. As a result, you can see pomelos in almost all places in Malaysia.
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  • Alec May 29, 2011, 9:12 pm

    Great article! One of my favourite places to get cheap durian is in the town of Muah in Johor state!

    One tip for eating Durian is to drink plain water out of the Durian husk itself. This will help provide a cooling effect to your body, as the Durian fruit itself is kind of rich and pungent. Also by washing your fingers with plain water in the Durian husk, it will eliminate the pungent smell from your fingers.

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