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How To Stay Healthy During Your Vacation


Nobody likes falling sick when on vacation. Eating properly is one way to avoid food poisoning, writes SHANTI GUNARATNAM

NEVER take your health for granted, especially if you are travelling or planning to go on a vacation.

There is nothing more miserable than falling ill and having to spend the holidays recuperating in hotel rooms, hospitals or even cutting short their stay.

Nutritionists and dieticians will advise you to eat healthy when on holiday to avoid food poisoning and other problems. Instead of gorging on oily food or snacking on unhealthy tidbits, choose your food carefully.

Hotels buffets are always a healthier option and they would usually have local favourites too. Start your meal with salads or fruit and then move on to main courses before taking a little dessert.

healthy holidays
Eating healthy when on holiday is a good way of ensuring you don’t fall sick

If you’re dining outside, choose to eat at places that are clean and which offer freshly cooked food.

Watch what you’re drinking. Make sure the water is properly boiled. Otherwise, choose bottled water instead.

As for your medication, do not forget to bring along that prescribed by your doctor. Also, don’t forget to bring your health supplements and medications for food poisoning, diarrhoea, migraine (the hot weather is known to trigger headache in some people) and motion sickness. Over-the-counter allergy medication can come in handy too.

It is also important to get enough rest. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you can do with fewer hours of sleep.

Doctors say if you have a really good rest during your break, you will come back rejuvenated.

Source: http://travel.nst.com.my/

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