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Travel and Vacation Tips

Travel and Holidays Related Tips in Malaysia

  • How to Safely Hire a Cab or Taxi in Malaysia

    There are frequent scams involving cab and taxi drivers. It’s very important to protect yourself from these scams as some involved hideous crimes such as rape and robbery. Find out from this post for tips and guidelines on hiring a cab.

  • Most Common Tourist Scams in Asia

    Asia is a vibrant travel destination but there are plenty of unscrupulous individuals trying to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting tourists. Be smart and don’t be caught unawares.

  • How To Get Yourself Out of a Jungle When You Are Lost

    If you’re thinking of a jungle adventure, make sure you are fully prepared for the undertaking. Going into the jungle is not a stroll in the park and we should be prepared — physically, mentally, medically as well as spiritually.

  • Avoid Getting Cheated by These By Unscrupulous Traders!

    Real life experience submitted by readers that talked about their own experience of getting conned by traders when traveling in Asia. Find out here more about these scams and avoid getting involved.

  • Ensuring A Safe and Comfortable Vacation

    The last thing you need when on holiday is to be mugged or robbed. Discover here some common senses and safety precautions that you should be aware of to protect yourself and your family especially when having a holidays in a foreign land.

  • How To Avoid Falling Sick in Your Vacations

    There is nothing more miserable than falling ill and having to spend the holidays recuperating in hotel rooms, hospitals or even cutting short your trip duration. Find out here some common measures to prevent yourself from being infected with common illnesses such as food poisoning, flu, cold and diarrhea.

  • Planning Your Vacations Online

    Find out here how to schedule and plan your trip online. Book your plane ticket, car rental and accommodations online in one place. Discover some recommended websites here that cater to all your vacation needs.

  • How To Take Good Pictures During Your Holidays

    Discover how to take better photos with your compact camera on your vacation. Find out all the photographing skills you need to capture that perfect scene.

  • Preventive Measures Against Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever and Traveler’s Diarrhea

    Hepatitis A, Typhoid Fever and Traveler’s Diarrhea are some of the most common diseases that most tourists contracted while traveling internationally. Find out here the preventive measures and precautions that you need to take against these common diseases when traveling.

  • Easy Traveling Guides For Women

    Women often have the issue of making their trip cumbersome and heavy because of the stuffs they bring. Discover here how to avoid all these hassle and have a pleasantly light and easy trip.

  • Tips for Surviving the Deadly Waterfalls

    Learn about these safety tips and precautions on how to avoid dangerous water current when you visit some popular waterfalls in Malaysia.

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