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This National Park is Truly Heaven On Earth

taman negara kenyir

What tourists said about the Kenyir National Park

“Beautiful place and Amazing Adventures!”

Its beautiful scenery.. trip to waterfall is worth it. Boat ride can be pricey.. Various activities around kenyir – elephant sanctuary – herb island – Various waterfall spots – kelah fish sanctuary.

taman negara kenyir

The inviting and serene Kenyir national park.

“Kenyir lake a fishing paradise”

Kenyir lake has a few attraction…we went for an exciting boat tour around the lake. We stopped at the herb island whereby we were treated with herb drinks ie tongkat Ali, kacip fatimah and mahkota dewa drinks for free.. One can also buy a plant as low as RM10.00 at the herb island.

We also stopped at another island where there is a waterfall. Most amusing is the boat house where you can stay on it and go fishing all day long. You can also cook on it. After all the excitement one can eat at the restaurant nearby and also shop for souvenirs. An excellent adventure holiday for those who loves nature and fishing…

Visited June 2014

“Lake Kenyir is ‘The Thousand Islands Lake in Malaysia’.”

Looking from the main building of Lake Kenyir Resort, you have a bird’s eye view of a wide stretch of water stretching to the far end where the islands form the boarder.

Nearer, there are a few green islands. and still nearer, that is the hill slope of the resort with thick foliage plants and a few haughty tall palm trees (Pinang trees) waving lazily under the evening breeze.

And just below your eyes stand the two big swimming pools on split-levels. With the colourful twilight that studs the sky, really makes a mesmerizing scene.

Visited August 2013

“Hidden treasure for nature lovers”

This is my 2nd day trip to Lake Kenyir and I wish I could spend more time there…

I personally think this place is not getting the publicity it should get.

The tour operators have a list of interesting tour to all parts of the lake – reasonable price too. Take note that this lake is a really large with numerous attraction for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

1) Day trip – you can take the boat for sightseeing and have fresh lake fish for lunch (really cheap). The tourist info centre has a cafe which offers this in the menu.
– Take the 2 hours tour to visit the herb garden and go to the waterfall for a swim.

2) Fishing trip – there are slow boats that bring tourist to multiple locations such as the caves, waterfall , kelah. This is an overnight trip , meals included where they go to the national park at the other side of the lake. The slow boat trip takes 5 hours to reach the national park – info from tour operator.

3) Attractions – kelah fish (endangered species), elephant sanctuary, caves (bewah, taat – where some of the entrance can be underwater at certain time of the year), waterfalls. Please check the lake kenyir website for details.

Visited May 2013

“Take the trouble to visit”

Kenyir Lake is about an hour from Kuala Terengganu, but there are express buses from the city. It is a massive lake, and very interesting to cruise its waters. There are a range of activities from jungle walks to orchid viewing, and well worth the journey.

Source: Tripadvisor

About Taman Negara Kenyir

Taman Negara Kenyir? ZALINA MOHD SOM finds out that this is actually the part of Tasik Kenyir that comes under the Taman Negara authorities.

IS this a new national park? The name Taman Negara Kenyir was definitely unfamiliar. Then, I thought that perhaps Tasik Kenyir had just been gazetted as a national park. After all, I knew that Gua Bewah, Gua Taat and Sungai Petang (places listed in our itinerary) were part of the vast lake in Terengganu.

hutan khatulistiwa

The tropical rain forest within the lake Kenyir valley.

To add to the confusion, there were two different authorities — the Central Terengganu Development Authority (Ketengah) and the Wildlife Department — handling our group of reporters and photographers at different spots. It was only when we pored over a huge map that everything fell into place.
Source: The Star

Location of Taman Negara Kenyir

Taman Negara Kenyir is located on the southern part of Tasik Kenyir. It is another gateway to Taman Negara (National Park) that straddles Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

The area within the boundary of Taman Negara Kenyir includes Tasik Kenyir’s attractions like Gua Bewah, Gua Taat, rivers (Petang, Cicir, Perpek and Cacing) and Tanjung Mentong.

The authority responsible for this area is the Wildlife Department, which has its office at Tanjung Mentong. The rest of Tasik Kenyir comes under the purview of Ketengah which has a centre at Pengkalan Gawi.

Our itinerary contained all the standard attractions at Tasik Kenyir but what made this trip different was how Taman Negara was ‘offered’.

Exploring Gua Bewah

Gua Bewah is a show cave. Climbing a “thousand” steps to the entrance, walking along the cement pavement and admiring the limestone formations can be very exciting for first timers.

Gua Bewah, Kenyir

Gua Bewah entrance

But the secrets and mysteries of Gua Bewah are far more interesting than what the eyes can see. The cave is said to have historic value with the finding of the skeleton of the Neolithic man and artifacts like utensils and tools.

At an arm of Bukit Bewah, which is shaped like a peninsula, lies a pleasing camp site. It is complete with a huge hall, rest areas (wakaf) with benches, paved footpath and toilets.

Bewah Camp charmed us with a light show as bright sunray spilled through the forest canopy, lighting up the colourful tents and warming the cold forest floor. The silvery reflection of sunlight on the lake added to the allure.

Höhle Gau Bewah - Lake Kenyir

Some of these limestone is millions of years old.

More adventures ahead

More was waiting to be “discovered”. After a swift ‘check-in’ at our respective tents, we took “a walk in the jungle” at the tame part of Bukit Bewah.

Boats ferried us to the other side where Gua Bewah was located. After we were dropped off, we walked up a slope to the campsite. The two-kilometre trail was interesting, thanks to the rugged terrain stretching almost three quarters of the journey.

It was either dirt track or a sharp limestone path – going up or down or along the slope. The flat part was made exciting by the limestone walls, trickling shallow streams, animal footprints and again the “light show”. Later we were told the animal footprints were those of a young leopard!

There were two ways to reach the campsite. We could cross the deep green lake or walk another 500 metres along the bank. That day, we were made to cross the water!

Exploring Gua Taat

Right opposite the Bewah Camp is a huge sign which reads Gua Taat. Plans to explore the cave were called off due to the rising water level.

Gua Taat

Prehistoric Guat Taat

Gua Taat is another show cave with as much historic value as Gua Bewah, if not more. Studies of artifacts and skeletons of Neolithic people unearthed in the area proved that civilisation existed here several thousand years ago.

Both Gua Bewah and Gua Taat are usually packaged together in a day tour of Tasik Kenyir.

The Kelah Sanctuary

The Sungai Petang Kelah Sanctuary is quite a new tourist attraction. Anglers don’t come to Sungai Petang though it is the “official’ spot (lubuk) for kelah (Malayan masheer). Here, the policy is “see, no touch” and fishing is definitely out.


The Sungai Petang Kelah Sanctuary

The trip there proved interesting, from the boat ride and passing the narrow river mouth to trekking along the river and seeing the beautiful vista of Sungai Petang.

The highlight of the tour was feeding the fish and watching them race each other to get the food pellets that we threw in the water.

Getting To Taman Negara Kenyir

Tasik Kenyir is located about 60km from Kuala Terengganu. Choosing the entry point to Tasik Kenyir depends on where you want to go or stay.

The main (and biggest) jetty is at Pengkalan Gawi which has facilities like a tourist information centre, souvenir shops, booths for boat operators, taxi services and resorts and a food court. Other jetties are located at Tanjung Mentong, Sungai Como and Tembat. For details, call the Tourist Information Centre, Pengkalan Gawi at 09-626 7788 or 666 8498 or Ketengah at 09-822 3100 ext 103.

Promotional Rates for Nearby Hotels

Attractions in Terengganu That You Might Be Interested

  • Dungun Night Market – Dungun is the place to go if you like to throng night market or pasar malam where the food, people and the setting are just too tempting to refuse!
  • Redang – An enchanting holiday paradise, Redang offers breathtaking blue waters teeming with a wealth of marine life and corals.
  • Perhentian – Made up of the larger Perhentian Besar and smaller Perhentian Kecil, the enchanting islands abound with exciting activities for sun-seekers.
  • Lang Tengah, Kapas and Tenggol – Hailed as one of the state’s best kept secrets, the island has sparkling white sand and aquamarine waters.
  • Cemerong Waterfall – Situated in the Cemerong Forest Reserve, the multi-tiered waterfall is truly a spectacular sight. It has four cascading rapids, the highest of which falls 600m.
  • Penarik Beach – Take in the picturesque view of traditional wooden homes of fisherfolk, scattered along the palm fringed shores.
  • Tenggol Island Diving Experience – Even though Pulau Tenggol is a small island with just 2km wide and 3km long, it’s still a popular diving getaway. Its size doesn’t prevent this diving paradise from being visited by thousands of diving enthusiasts yearly.

Location, Driving Direction and Map to Taman Negara Kenyir

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