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Waterfalls In Malaysia

Splashing Time At Ulu Geruntum Waterfall

What tourists are saying about Ulu Geruntum Waterfall “Simply beautiful!” We took a walk up to the waterfall which is bit of a hike. It really is worth the extra walk up just be careful on the paths as they can be quite slippery. There is no entrance fee for the falls. The walk up [...]

Tips for Surviving the Deadly Waterfalls

How could something so beautiful be so dangerous? Thousands of people perish at waterfalls each year, but Waterfall Survivors Club founder Joe Yap says that many of the accidents could be avoided if we only had more common sense (like avoiding the deep end or slippery rocks) or paid more attention to the laws of [...]

Fighting For The Falls

Getting excited when you come face to face with a roaring waterfall is one thing, but dedicating your life to protecting it is another. One woman shows how a life-long obsession isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With a garbage bag in one hand and an empty Coke bottle in the other, Elvin Hee, 32, struggled [...]