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Tourism Malaysia

An Exciting Escape Through A Cruise Ride

Looking for romance, adventure, games and fine dining? The glamorous Rhapsody of the Seas has all these by the boatloads. Quoted from The Star About The Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody Cruise I’m going on a cruise!” said a friend. “Oh, how wonderful! Somewhere exotic?” she asked brightly. “Yes, Singapore to Port Klang!” “Huh?” was her bemused [...]

The King of All Fruits in Malaysia

About the Durians Ever wonder which fruit is loved by Malaysian the most? It’s absolutely the durian which is regarded as the “King of all Fruits”? The durian is not only famous in Malaysia it’s also the most highly prized fruit within the Southeast Asia region. The durian might seem controversial due to its overpowering [...]

As any jungle-faring angler would tell you, it is unwise to wander into the woods without a local tracker. Not only would you need help to locate good fishing spots, a guide would also keep you from getting lost, touching dangerous plants or insects and even save you from offending the “spirits of the forest”. [...]

Get off the beaten track next time you’re traveling because you never know what you’ll stumble upon, especially in a country like Malaysia where superstition is alive and flourishing. Belief – the word may be simple but its implication is tremendous. Belief has been shaping mankind’s existence since the dawn of time, transforming, compelling and [...]

Several dive sites at two of the top diving destinations in the world — the Pulau Tioman marine park in Pahang and Pulau Redang marine park in Terengganu — are temporarily off-limits to divers and snorkelers until end-October. They are among three marine parks — the other being Pulau Payar in Kedah — which are [...]

Scuba Diving Do’s And Don’ts

Underwater, surrounded by electrifying beauty, one can easily forget the dangers one should always be aware of when scuba diving. You’ve survived the confined water shame, perfected the art of clearing water from your mask by snorting through your nostrils, mastered the underwater signs and packed your head with life-saving acronyms such as BCD (buoyancy [...]

Best Waterfalls In Malaysia

What makes an amazing waterfall? According to Dutch enthusiast Jan Stuivenberg, who has paid a visit to more than 110 of the nation’s 130 waterfalls, “It’s really subjective, but size does not always matter; location helps, especially if it’s more remote to avoid the crowds.” While he has been to different parts of the world [...]

Malaysia Wins Seven Asian Travel Awards

This is certainly good news for the Malaysia travel and tourism industry. In the recently held prestigious World Travel Awards 2009 in London, Malaysia has successfully bagged seven Asian travel awards. The Asian travel awards are like the “Oscars” of the global travel and tourism industries. Moreover, the awards are recognized as the highest accolade [...]

Malaysia Tourism Tops Travel Wish Lists!

Malaysia tops Wotif.com‘s travel wish list for this year. According to Wotif.com, 2009 should be a great year for tourism in Malaysia, with Malaysian destinations topping the online accommodation website’s Travel Wish List poll for 2009. Wotif.com executive general manager for Asia, Sii Eawsakul, said Malaysia has always been a popular destination. Malaysia, especially Kuala [...]