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Sarawak Travel

What tourists said about the Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak “Amazing Calmness” Kuching Esplanade is amongst the most visited touristy spot in Kuching. Kuching is blessed with the slow flowing and calm Sarawak River, cutting across the City. The view from both sides of the river is astonishing. You can use a “sampan” i.e a traditional wooden [...]

What tourists said about the Sabah Tea Garden “Worth a visit, a night in the long house is a must” I got to experience the Sabah tea house as part of trekking The Sandakan Death March with 37 soldiers and friends. There are two types of accommodation nice clean cottages with all modern amenities and [...]

Seeing Wild Man of Borneo

What tourists said about the Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre “Big Orang Utans!” I went there with my sister and my nephew during weekend and we were happy to see the big orang utans there. There were many tourists went to the nature reserve park on that day. I saw a photo of Richie, an [...]

An Adventurous Getaway At The Tail of Borneo

About Sematan in Sarawak At the south western most of Sarawak lies a town call Sematan. It’s the last township in Borneo since it lies at the tail of Borneo. Please refer to the map at the bottom for the location of Sematan. Why You Should Visit Sematan If you look at the following map, [...]

Go Where The Pepper Grows!

In Sarawak, now you can, says HEIDI MUNAN, who finds a tour of the Liew Pepper Farm a fascinating trip. YOU can just go where the pepper grows!” In Queen Victoria’s England, this was a mild imprecation, meaning something like “Get lost!” In Sarawak, it’s a job description. Some 67,000 farmers tend the lush green [...]

Living His Dream!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Hoary but true. Perseverance in what you do is the sure way to success and happiness, insists Henry Law Ing Hua, 58, whose dogged pursuit of his dream of an agro-tourism resort has made him “the luckiest man in the world”. Law was just eight when [...]

The Heart of Borneo

About the Heart of Borneo The Heart of Borneo is an ambition project aimed at protecting the forest in Borneo Island undertaken by three nations, namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The Heart of Borneo is covering a staggering size of 220 sq km or nearly a third of Borneo Island. The project is actually very [...]