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Sarawak Attractions

A Place Where Paddy Cannot Grow

What tourists are saying about Bako National Park, Sarawak “Good for a day trip” We went to the park with a tour guide. We had an enjoyable trip and the tour would be suitable for anyone young or old. If you are really into hiking and wildlife spotting I would recommend going on one of [...]

What tourists said about the Kuching Waterfront, Sarawak “Amazing Calmness” Kuching Esplanade is amongst the most visited touristy spot in Kuching. Kuching is blessed with the slow flowing and calm Sarawak River, cutting across the City. The view from both sides of the river is astonishing. You can use a “sampan” i.e a traditional wooden [...]

The World’s Most Diverse Ecosystem

What tourists said about Lambir Hills National Park “Rainforest walk” There are several hiking trails in Lambir hills the shortest is 20 minutes to the first waterfall and fresh water pool. You can walk for hours take a towel and drinks as there are no places to buy drinks on the walk the rainforest is [...]

The Wild Side of Sarawak

About National Park in Sarawak Sarawak’s botanical riches, diverse landscapes and wildlife make it a favorite stomping ground for nature lovers and scientists alike. Where in Malaysia can you find a state that boasts more than 20 national parks, five wildlife sanctuaries, three nature reserves and 700,000ha of totally protected forest land (10 times the [...]

Adventures in Sarawak Sarawak has a coastline that runs 700km along the northwestern side of Borneo. A good place to begin discovering its beauty is Damai Beach, in Santubong. This vacation spot is embraced by the South China Sea and has the majestic jungle-clad Mount Santubong as its backdrop. “Mountain Santubong – Not for the [...]

An Adventurous Getaway At The Tail of Borneo

About Sematan in Sarawak At the south western most of Sarawak lies a town call Sematan. It’s the last township in Borneo since it lies at the tail of Borneo. Please refer to the map at the bottom for the location of Sematan. Why You Should Visit Sematan If you look at the following map, [...]

Go Where The Pepper Grows!

In Sarawak, now you can, says HEIDI MUNAN, who finds a tour of the Liew Pepper Farm a fascinating trip. YOU can just go where the pepper grows!” In Queen Victoria’s England, this was a mild imprecation, meaning something like “Get lost!” In Sarawak, it’s a job description. Some 67,000 farmers tend the lush green [...]

Living His Dream!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Hoary but true. Perseverance in what you do is the sure way to success and happiness, insists Henry Law Ing Hua, 58, whose dogged pursuit of his dream of an agro-tourism resort has made him “the luckiest man in the world”. Law was just eight when [...]

The Masterpiece of Mother Nature

If Mother Nature is a master artisan, then Bako National Park is her masterpiece. Millions of years of erosion have carved a coastline of sheer cliffs, rocky headlands, sculptured sea stacks and white sandy coves. Although just one-tenth the size of Kuala Lumpur, Bako houses seven distinct ecosystems. One second you’re crossing grasslands on a [...]

when half a million swiftlets return to their nests whilst half a million bats fly out. The park is linked by an extensive network of boardwalks. Some of the chalets are air-conditioned and are good value for money. The park canteen serves decent food, and Batu Niah town, five minutes away, offers more options. For [...]