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The Largest Market in Kuala Lumpur

What tourists are saying about the Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur “You can find almost all the things here…” Located at Chow Kit Road. It a wet market to night market. Very popular for the tourist and I guess most people heard of Chow Kit. The wet market you can find most of the [...]

What others said about the Wang Kelian Sunday Market “Treasure trove” My husband and I loved the market as it has such a different variety of goods for everyones taste, foods and drinks of every description, you need to try some as you probably won’t pick it up anywhere else. “Definitely Worth It” Great variety [...]

A Heaven of Good Food and Fake Designer Goods

What tourists are saying about Petaling Street Market “Shop til you drop” Looking where to buy things from KL? This is the place to be. There’s a lot of cheap stuff for souvenir you may also use your power to bargain. “Excellent minature China” I loved the place, mainly because I love China. Lots of [...]

What other travelers said about the Central Market Kuala Lumpur “A good place to buy souvenirs” The Central market is air conditioned. It houses a lot of shops selling local handicrafts and mementos. Nice place to buy your souvenirs to take back home. You can bargain for a better rate. Nearby is China town. So [...]