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Malaysia Temples

What tourists are saying about the Little India in KL “The name says it all” This is a market place where most of the Indian origins hang around. There are many shops and eateries around which sell Indian goods and food. “Truly Indian feel” Lots of options for food, indian grocery shopping and temples. It [...]

The Temple of the Chan Clan

What tourists said about the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple in Petaling Street “Want to pass your exams?” Every Chinese homes or buildings, traditionally, would have an altar. This is in fact a library or a place to study. the Chan clan has built many such institution wherever they are. Much of the structure and [...]

Getting Two Countries for The Price of One

What tourists said about Tumpat, Kelantan “So peaceful” I always felt a sense of calmness whenever I visit this particular wat. The surroundings have not changed much over the years. The reclining Buddha at Wat Photivihan is probably the most well known in Tumpat, Kelantan. It is often mistakenly described as South East Asia’s biggest [...]

What tourists are saying about the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple “Beautiful and divine” I’ve been to this temple few times over the last few years. The location of this temple is located closer to Chinatown. Its a very busy location. This temple has a lots of history to it. Very nicely built temple. It feels [...]

A Temple That Tells Where Great Fortune Lies

What others are saying about Sin Sze Si Ya Temple “Unique” It is not the biggest, it is not the oldest, it is not the most sumptuous, but it is the most authentic. Hard to find (it stands in an unattractive part of Chinatown, surrounded by decrepit small buildings) this taoist temple was built in [...]