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The Temple of the Chan Clan

What tourists said about the Chan See Shu Yuen Temple in Petaling Street “Want to pass your exams?” Every Chinese homes or buildings, traditionally, would have an altar. This is in fact a library or a place to study. the Chan clan has built many such institution wherever they are. Much of the structure and [...]

What tourists are saying about the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple “Beautiful and divine” I’ve been to this temple few times over the last few years. The location of this temple is located closer to Chinatown. Its a very busy location. This temple has a lots of history to it. Very nicely built temple. It feels [...]

The Spotted Dog That Serves Only The Elites

What others are saying about the Royal Selangor Club “The centre of historical buildings” This place is easily reach by the LRT (Masjid Jamek Stn), around 5 minute walks. Some weekends, it will be use for CSR activities, runs, even concerts. Surrounding the Merdeka Square are the St Mary Cathedral, Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Masjid [...]

The Most Photographed Landmark In Malaysia

What others said about the Sultan Abdul Samad Building “A must see if you come to Kuala Lumpur” Built before 1900, I admire the kind of bricks used to build the building. It has Indian elements; quite like the old Railway station, but the railway station is fully cemented. This building is part of the [...]

Quirky Things to Do in Malaysia

Being one of the best tourist destinations, Malaysia has a lot of things do to for people visiting it. It has been rated as one of the best sites that people can go and do all the fun things that people love doing and also new stuff that people have never done before. Some of [...]

Feeling lost in the big city? A free pocket handbook may just be the thing for you. For most travellers, the first thing they look for when they step into a foreign country is a free city guidebook. Some cities like London, Sydney, Tokyo, and Singapore have excellent comprehensive guidebooks, while others might have loose [...]

The Historical Indian Muslim Mosque

Masjid India was originally built as a modest wooden structure in 1863. Since then it has been reconstructed and upgraded a number of times over the years and until now the building has finally remained as what it was last constructed in 1966. The attractive part of the building is its southern Indian style with [...]

A Living Heritage That Tells All About Malaysia

The National Museum or Muzium Negara is Malaysia biggest and grandest museum and is located at Jalan Damasara, Kuala Lumpur. The history of the museum is dated as far back as World War II. During that period, the old Selangor Museum building was destroyed by Allied bombing. It was then reconstructed and opened again in [...]

What tourists said about the National Mosque “Such a beautiful and peaceful place” We came across the mosque whilst attempting to visit the old train station (which wasn’t really a site to see). It was the most amazing misadventure! The mosque was just beautiful and so peaceful, it felt amazing to be in there, walking [...]

Important: As of November 2007 the museum is closed and the collection has been moved to the National Museum. About National History Museum The National History Museum or Muzium Sejarah Nasional was the second national museum in Malaysia after the National Museum. It was located opposite Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. The National History Museum [...]