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Kelantan Attractions

What tourists are saying about the Beijing Mosque in Kelantan “Oriental and unique” One of the reasons for making a trip to Kota Bharu was to visit this mosque which resembled a Chinese temple. It really puzzled me as Kelantan has always been in my superficial understanding, a Muslim conservative state with a small Chinese [...]

About “Nasi Tumpang” (a type of traditional rice) Nasi Tumpang is one of several food items identified by the Malaysian National Heritage Department as being truly Malaysian. Regarded as a traditional Malay delicacy, Nasi Tumpang is highly popular in the east coast especially in Kelantan from where it originated. How “Nasi Tumpang” is made Nasi [...]

Getting Two Countries for The Price of One

What tourists said about Tumpat, Kelantan “So peaceful” I always felt a sense of calmness whenever I visit this particular wat. The surroundings have not changed much over the years. The reclining Buddha at Wat Photivihan is probably the most well known in Tumpat, Kelantan. It is often mistakenly described as South East Asia’s biggest [...]

Comments by tourists about the Kuala Koh National Park (Kelantan and Pahang) “World’s oldest tropical rainforest” Highlights: 1. Canopy walkway 2. Up-river boat rides (i.e. Sungai Tahan) 3. Swimming at waterfalls, rapids and streams (i.e. Lata Berkoh) 4. Jungle trekking 5. Flora & fauna photography Negatives: 1. Noisy, inconsiderate tourists who come in droves and [...]

An Authentic Homestay Experience in Kelantan

A stone’s throw away from Kota Baru in Kelantan is Pasir Belanda Resort — a charming place that allows a glimpse into kampung living. Someone once said: “Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” Quoted from The Star What others are saying about the [...]