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Holidays in Penang

About Penang Esplanade The Esplanade is a seafront promenade bordering an open field where festival and events are often held. The Esplanade is not just a popular tourist attraction in Penang but also a historic place that tells you everything about Penang, including the history of how Penang transformed from a swampy frontier, to a [...]

Did Noah’s Ark Just Arrive In Penang?

Something different is happening in Penang. For those of you who are interested in modern art or specifically structure, you will need to visit the Penang Municipal Town Hall in order to see the structure yourself. For the first time in Penang, there will be a ship-like structure made entirely out of bamboos. This magnificent [...]

The Street That Never Sleeps

Ku Din Ku Meh, the former Raja of Satun in the 19th Century, would turn in his grave if he could see the hustle and bustle that’s Penang Road now. His mansion, which is now a boutique hotel, is located in the upper part of the road. Home to several other hotels, this stretch of [...]