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A Whitewashed Cathedral With Striking Twin Spires

What tourists said about the St John’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur “Magnificent in its simpliciy” Masses are all in English with many times to choose from. Definitely worth the visit, even if you are not attending mass. Visited April 2014 “A Lovely Cathedral” A very peaceful place to visit from the bustle and heat from [...]

A100 Years Old Roman Catholic Church

Comments by tourists about the Church of the Holy Rosary “Quite interesting small church in the middle of big city commotion.” I accidentally stumbled upon this church while walking from KL Sentral to the National Museum of Malaysia. The front doors were open, so I stepped in. Instantly the noise and commotion of the city [...]

Need an idea for a day trip that’s easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur? How about one that incorporates forgotten chimneys, an old coal mining town, a historical church and beautiful orchids? My friends and I did just that — we had a fun outing exploring Batu Arang in Ulu Selangor. Batu Arang will soon be [...]