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The World’s Most Diverse Ecosystem

Lambir Hills National Park

What tourists said about Lambir Hills National Park

“Rainforest walk”

There are several hiking trails in Lambir hills the shortest is 20 minutes to the first waterfall and fresh water pool. You can walk for hours take a towel and drinks as there are no places to buy drinks on the walk the rainforest is very good with wildlife all around you you can get a guide but the trails are pretty well signed and well walked so you shouldn’t get lost.

Take a fresh shirt for when you get back to your car, you will be wet by the end. There are plenty of waterfalls and pools to cool off in on your walk so take your time and enjoy Mother Nature at her best.

Visited August 2014

lambir hills

Lambir Hills National Park is probably the world’s most complex and diverse forest eco-system. In a total area of just 6,952 hectares, experts have found what appears to be the greatest level of plant biodiversity on the planet.

“Very nice trip for a family with kids”

We booked this trip with Minda Travel and got a great guide Paul who was very nice, competent and gave us lot of interesting information.

Visited October 2014

“Easy trip from Miri”

This park is really easy to get to from MIri. Take any long distance bus heading towards Bintulu and you’ll be dropped off at the entrance. Its about a 40 minute trip.

The walk to the waterfall is easy and the waterfall itself is beautiful to swim in. We also did the loop track which is quite challenging but worthwhile if you have the time and energy. It’s around 4km up and down hills through the forest. The tree tower was broken when we went which was really disappointing.

Visited October 2014

lambir hills

With its picturesque waterfalls, good birdwatching and impressive tall trees, the park is popular with tourists, especially at weekends when more people from Miri travel there for a day visit. For longer stays, visitors can book one of several chalets. There are several trails for tourists to explore. These range from short and fairly flat walks to the long and sometimes steep trek to the summit of Bukit Lambir, the tallest point in the park.

“Great place for jungle trekking”

We stayed for a night at the “Hill Top” Lodge which is the also the beginning of the Inoue Trail.

I would not recommend the trekking for novice. It is very tough. The whole place is literally ups, ups and downs downs. The ups can sometimes go like eternity. My wife and I completed the Inoue Trail with side detours which covers about 4+ kilometers in about 5 hours. Albeit, I also took time photographing the nature.

I do not understand why they lock the gate which is near the ticket counter. My wife and I had to be innovative to get across the gate otherwise we would have to walk back the way we came from the beginning of the Inoue Trail.

The only problem with this place is that it does not have a restaurant that would cook a meal for you. Unless you drive or are prepared with “ready-packed” meals, you will go hungry.

Otherwise, we enjoyed our stay there and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to do jungle trek.

Visited April 2014

“Great outdoor for nature lover”

I like the jungle trails, quite challenging as it goes up and down all the while. SO be prepared with a good foot wear. The jungle is really hot and humid, remember to bring enough water if you intend to trek the jungle for more than 4 hours.

Although I went straight to the waterfall first, followed by the 2-3 hours jungle trekking, I would suggest doing the jungle trekking first, end at Latak Waterfall, have a good rest before leaving the site. Latak Waterfall have a big lake which is good for swimming after a long trek.

The toilet at Latak Waterfall is a turn off. It was not well maintained and scary, as if you are using it together with many living creatures. I would suggest walking out of the jungle and take a good shower at the toilet located at the entrance of the trail (better condition than the one at the waterfall).

Visited May 2014

“Hot, Hilly and Humid – but great!”

For some reason we weren’t expecting Lambir Hills to be quite so hilly, but boy was it hilly! We went on a really hot day and were drenched with sweat in the first hour. The jungle here in really dense and beautiful though and we really enjoyed it.

Not sure if we were just lucky but we only bumped into 2 other people the whole time we were there so it was a beautiful and peaceful walk. We went for a swim at Pantu Waterfall and it was beautiful and hard earned. Definitely worth the visit.

Visited January 2014

Source: Tripadvisor

lambir hills

Lambir’s major attraction for visitors is its interesting selection of forest walks, from a gentle 15-minute stroll to an arduous all-day jungle trek. Most of Lambir’s trails are interlinked, so it is very easy to do quite a few in a day.

About Lambir Hills National Park

A trek in Lambir Hills National Park starts with trails winding through gargantuan Keruing trees and giant Licuala fan palms, with a sprinkling of colorful fungi.

The dangling carrot at the end of the hike? An ethereal cascade plunging two storeys down into an emerald-green pool. Jump in for a refreshing splash!

Reason to visit Lambir Hills National Park

Tourists flocking to Mulu or Niah National Park often bypass Lambir though it’s a mere hour’s drive from Miri, Sarawak.

But scientists say this modest 6,952ha park boasts one of the world’s most diverse forest ecosystems.

Lambir Hills National Park

Some of the oldest trees are spotted in the national park.

The park’s ferns, palms, strangling fig trees and shrubs is a showcase of a naturally “landscaped” tropical garden. The porous sandstone beneath Lambir also doubles up as a vast water reservoir that supplies most of Miri’s drinking water, and there are numerous crystal-clear cascades and bathing pools.

What to see at Lambir Hill

Lucky visitors may spot Lambir’s wildlife, ranging from bats and pangolins to barking deer. Birdwatchers will be thrilled to spot Bushy-crested hornbills and barbets among the more than 237 bird species recorded so far. Lambir’s biggest draws, for yours truly at least, are its network of well-marked hiking trails.

Lambir Hills National Park

One of Lambir’s amazing waterfalls, Dinding Waterfall.

You can easily put up at the park’s cozy chalets for a three-day weekend and check out the various trails.

For more information on the Lambir Hills National Park and to book park lodging, visit Sarawak Forestry. Treks can be arranged through trekking operators in Miri (Sarawak Tourism).

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Photo credits: Bernard DUPONT, MyBukit.

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