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The Masterpiece of Mother Nature

bako national park


If Mother Nature is a master artisan, then Bako National Park is her masterpiece. Millions of years of erosion have carved a coastline of sheer cliffs, rocky headlands, sculptured sea stacks and white sandy coves.

Although just one-tenth the size of Kuala Lumpur, Bako houses seven distinct ecosystems. One second you’re crossing grasslands on a sandstone plateau, next you’re meandering in and out of heath forests filled with pitcher plants and sago palms.

Visitors come to appreciate the lush rainforest, hike the arid scrublands, spot sky-blue fiddler crabs in the mangrove swamps or gawk at the rare and protected proboscis monkeys.

bako national park
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Bako has 16 different trails, totaling more than 30km’s worth, so you can take a leisurely amble or challenge yourself with a two-day hike. Naturalists have recorded over 150 species of birds here. On a good day, you might spot a bearded pig, monitor lizard or a chirpy group of silver-leaf monkeys.

Best of all, this oldest of Sarawak’s national park, gazetted in 1957, is a mere 30-minute boat ride from Kg Bako and a half-hour drive from Kuching.

For more information on Bako National Park and to book park lodging, visit www.sarawakforestry.com.

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