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Saltwater Fishing in Malaysia

malaysia salt water fishing

What to Expect

Saltwater fishing is more expensive compared to freshwater fishing as it requires a boat and more advance fishing equipment. Sometimes saltwater fishing requires you to spend a night on the boat as it takes up to several days in a fishing trip. There are plenty of boats for hire on the coast. Most are basic but a handful offer reasonable facilities. Nonetheless, some anglers find this primitiveness an attraction as it cost cheaper and most of the facilities are not needed. Unless you can afford to pay for the cost of hire for the boat, else minimum numbers of people are needed before a boat will set off.

Deep Sea Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishing often involves deep sea bottom fishing but it is expensive. But it cost a lot less compared to other countries in the region. Deep sea bottom fishing involves going out with a rod and line with one or two hooks. Bait such as small fish and prawns are often used. Deep sea fishing often takes place at depths of 50 to 100 meters (150-300 ft).

As mentioned just now, deep sea fishing sometimes requires you to spend a day on the boat as some locations could be up to 4 hours away. A 2 day/1-night trip is arranged in this case. The trip usually covers the boat, ice, bait and sometimes meals. If you don’t feel comfortable eating the meals prepared by the boat operators, you can prepare and bring your own meals. Sometimes you can even cook the fish which you have just caught. The best thing about this is the fish is so fresh and even if you just grill it like that, it can be so tasty.

Fishing Game in the East Coast

In the east coast, a popular fishing game is the blue-water fishing. The places to practice this are through the center point at Mersing which is a starting point to the islands of Aur, Dayang and Pemanggil. Some popular catches are the black marlin, mackerel, sailfish, baraccuda, and giant trevally. Redang is also a good location for saltwater fishing asides from snorkeling and diving.

Best Places for Saltwater Fishing

Some preferred fishing places in the peninsular west coast is Bagan Datoh and Pangkor in Perak, and Langkawi in Kedah. The west coast is good for fishing all year around. Types of fish usually you can catch are the kerapu (grouper) and ikan merah (red snapper). For fishing places in the Borneo, locations such as Miri and Tanjung Datu near Kuching in Sarawak are popular among locals.

In Sabah, Labuan is good for bill fish, and Semporna and Sipadan are the spots for yellow fin tuna, great fighters that go up to 100kg (220lb.) The best time for this sport are March to September.

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  • Bryan Norman December 9, 2013, 6:38 pm

    Wow, is that a Cobia? It’s massive!

    I haven’t really fished off Malaysia yet, but would love to. I used to live in Western Australia, the north of which is Sailfish territory, as is Rompin I’ve been told.

    I caught tons and tons of Spanish Mackerel in W.A., along with countless Queenies, numerous Cobia (though nowhere near as big as the one in the pic, obviously) and umpteen Trevally.

    My favorite place in Aussie: The Dampier Archipelago. Try it out some time, it’s angling heaven, both for the sheer quantity as well as the awesome quality of the fish.

    That said, I may come up to Rompin one day and have a go at the fishing there. Aching to catch me a Sailie 🙂

    Tight lines!

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