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An Exciting Fishing Trip in Port Dickson

fishing in port dickson

One of my friends recently mentioned that there is this place called Tanjung Agas jetty which is located about 25km south of Port Dickson is a favorite angling spot among the locals.

Although I haven’t been to this place, the information about this place extracted from this friend of mine is quite comprehensive. The place is actually a jetty over Sungai Timun where it joins the Strait of Malacca. There are a mix of fresh water and salt water fishes here for you to fish.

Anglers who love udang galah (giant fresh water prawns) will find this place a heaven because Sungai Timun is famous for udang galah or tiger prawn.

Fishing, Port Dickson

This is a typical tiger prawn. It's freaking huge!

The good thing about this place is part of the wooden walkway along the jetty is actually covered and this provides some shelters for anglers when the afternoon sun becomes too hot. I am not sure what the extend of the shelter is, but at least it’s good to know that there are something that covers you from the scorching afternoon sun.

There are a few restaurants behind the jetty where you can bring your catches to either to let them make a great meal out of it or cash in on it. Apart from fishing, visitors can go for a cruise on the river. But beware of crocodiles in the river! My advise is don’t dive or go for a swim.

During night time, according to some locals, there are some stretches along the river where you can watch fireflies. When you are there, do ask around and you might be able to catch this wonderful view at night. Although I am not a big fan of fishing, I would certainly go to this place for a visit when I ever step foot on Port Dickson.

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Location, Map and Driving Direction to Tanjung Agas Jetty:

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