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A Market With Fresh Produce and Quaint Local Crafts

Wang Kelian Perlis

What others said about the Wang Kelian Sunday Market

“Treasure trove”

My husband and I loved the market as it has such a different variety of goods for everyones taste, foods and drinks of every description, you need to try some as you probably won’t pick it up anywhere else.

“Definitely Worth It”

Great variety of products on display, was amazing to see some of the talented products made by the locals! Even managed to pick up a few presents for my family that were light and easy to carry when traveling back home.

The sugar cane juice stall absoultely amazing! I would definitely recommend getting a bottle as it can be truly refreshing amongst the heat!

Located very close to the sea so the fresh sea breeze really helps while shopping for amazing bargains..

A very pleasant way to spend your Sunday, would definitely recommend it to all!

Visited April 2014

“Variety, unique stalls, lovely surroundings.”

A nice way to spend a Sunday morning. Plenty of drink and fruit stalls to beat the heat. Lots of jewellery, crafts, few clothes. Beautiful surroundings overlooking the river and rainforest mountains.

Visited January 2014

“Great market, awesome fresh tropical fruit”

We went to the market today and I was amazed at the high quality tropical fruit on offer. All at great prices.

Try the fresh coconuts, the juice will pep you up on a hit day and the shredded nut is great to eat on any food.

Plenty of cool fresh juice in offer as well as icy poles for kids. Don’t miss it, every Sunday.

Visited January 2014

“Quaint local arts and crafts”

Brought some Japanese friends here, we all loved it. They tried coconut milk from the coconut, mango ice-cream (not mango season so no fresh ones around), freshly made lemonade, sugar cane juice, locally made chocolate plus a myriad of tropical fruits. Loads of clothes and the kids toys are a novelty and a great gift idea.

Loved the hand painted cards, cups etc plus the metal work like geckos and such. Quite funky and quaint and such variety here – something for everyone. My personal favourites are the handmade soaps.

All in all very enjoyable way to spend an hour or two and what a fantastic view too!!

These markets are outdoors with very little cover, make sure you are well covered with shirts, hats, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Visited August 2013

“Best market I’ve been to in a long time”

Spent a couple of hours wandering through this vibrant Sunday market. Fresh tropical fruit, fresh prawns, fresh tropical flowers, fantastic locally grown coffee, plants, wood craft, jewellery and hand made clothing and crafted fabrics. Get there early to get the best produce.

Visited May 2013
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About the Wang Kelian Sunday Market

Wang Kelian is a border town in Perlis. It is located on the Malaysia-Thai border. There are many attractions in Wang Kelian to suit different tourist segments. The town itself is famous for its Sunday Market, a place where traders from southern Thailand would come to sell their wares.

Wang Kelian Sunday Market

Wang Kelian Sunday Market

Attractions of Wang Kelian

The Sunday Market in Wang Kelian is frequented mostly by local tourists looking for bargains. The quality of good is on par with those at other Malaysia-Thai border towns including Bukit Kayu Hitam and Padang Besar. You don’t need a passport when crossing the Thai-Malaysian border provided that you remain within the market area.

Other than being famous for its Sunday Market, Wang Kelian is also a popular place for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Nature lovers and adventurers won’t be disappointed by the visit to Wang Kelian State Park. The forest is rich in flora and fauna. The State Park is 1,000ha in size, located in the Mata Ayer Forest Reserve.

Wang Kelian Immigration

This is the immigration check-point in Wang Kelian, Perlis. Satun is a province in Thailand.

On the way to Wang Kelian, visitors will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Timah Tasoh Lake and the unique twin peaks of Bukit Chabang.

On The Way To Wang Kelian

A Spectacular View On The Way To Wang Kelian

Getting to Wang Kelian

From the North South Expressway, take the Jitra Selatan exit (Interchange 181) and get onto the trunk road headed for Kodiang and Kangar (Highway K3). Kuala Perlis is 48km from this exit.

Public transportation connecting Kuala Perlis and Kangar is also available daily. The bus fare is RM1.50 while taxi fare is RM8 per person. From Kangar town, drive north towards Kaki Bukit and follow the sign to reach Wang Kelian.

Other Attractions in Perlis That You Might Be Interested

  • Kangar – Kangar is the capital of Perlis and the seat of government. It is located in the heart of the country’s “rice bowl” area and depending on the season, it is surrounded by lush green fields or golden yellow padi, ripe for harvesting.
  • Arau – The royal town of Arau is located 10km from Kangar, on the Peninsula’s main railway route extending northwards into Thailands. Of interest here is the imposing Istana Arau or Royal Palace, which boasts of classic architecture, and the Royal Mosque.
  • Gua Kelam Recreational Park – Situated within Kaki Bukit town, the highlight of this park is Gua Kelam, a 370-meter limestone cave which is filled with interesting stalactite and stalagmite formations. This well-lit cave is believed to have been hollowed out from a limestone massif by an underground stream over many eons. Located nearby is Gua Kelam II which is suitable for more experienced cavers.
  • Herb Garden – Adjacent to the Bukit Air Recreational Park, on 12ha of land is the Herb Garden. Opened in 1998, this ethno botanical museum now contains over 1,000 species of herbs, spices and other medicinal plants of local and foreign origin. Here, visitors can learn about their uses and how to care for such plants as well as purchase them.
  • Padang Besar – Located along the border, this bustling town is a shoppers’ paradise where one can choose from a wide variety of produce, handicrafts and clothing. It is also a major stopover along the rail route between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Driving Direction, Map and Location of Wang Kelian

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