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The Street That Never Sleeps

penang road nightlife


Ku Din Ku Meh, the former Raja of Satun in the 19th Century, would turn in his grave if he could see the hustle and bustle that’s Penang Road now.

His mansion, which is now a boutique hotel, is located in the upper part of the road. Home to several other hotels, this stretch of Penang Road throbs with a vibrancy at night when clubs and pubs with their dazzling neon signs open their doors to the hip set of Penang.

This enclave is a pub crawler’s territory. For a start, there is Soho Free House, occupying two stories of the Peking Hotel, which claims to “serve more draft (beer) than any other bar in Malaysia”. Its companions — Culture Beat, Summerwines in Hotel Continental, R&B Pub in Merchant Hotel and Love One Bistro in Oriental Hotel — are also great places to chill out at.

penang road
Penang Road is one of the busiest street in Penang

Karaoke aficionados can pop over to Club Hime in Federal Hotel, Yoko Lounge in Merchant Hotel and Grand Place KTV in Hotel Continental.

Upper Penang Road is also a good spot for Penang halal food. Nasi Melayu is served piping hot at Kafe Segari, while Sup Hameed is famous for mutton, chicken and beef soup, served with toasted bread. A little away, the 24-hour Jaya Restaurant has a line of nasi kandar curries to tempt passers-by. Also, don’t miss the tandoor fare offered by the posh Kashmir Islamic Restaurant, tucked away in Oriental Hotel.

For more action, cross over to Lebuh Farquhar where the massive dance club Slippery Senoritas will set your feet on fire. Also vying for attention are Piccolino Restaurant, Rakuja Japanese Restaurant and Kafe Beach Planet Babylon. Nearby, Uptown Bistro, in a 1925 building, boasts live band performances.

penang road chendul
The Famous Penang Road Chendul and Ice Kacang

In short, the Penang Road is loaded with tones of attractions. It’s the major place for Penang nightlife and after dark activities. If you are wondering where to go at night in Penang, the Penang Road is definitely your best bet as it’s filled with bistro, cafes, pub, disco, etc.

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