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Penang Georgetown Tong Sui Po (糖水铺)

creamy peanut soup

After having dinner on a lovely weekend, I was scouting for something to eat. I heard about this Tong Sui Po (糖水铺) thru online blogs. I have decided to give it a try that day. The Tong Sui Po is a place to savior the traditional Chinese soup or sweet soup. The name of the shop, Tong Sui, when translated means sugary water and the Po means shop. So the whole thing can be literally translated to Sugary Water Shop.

The shop is located along Jalan Seang Tek where the cross street is Anson Road. Basically, you will get to Anson Road first and then make a turn at the junction to Jalan Seang Tek. At about 300 meters from the junction, you will be able to see the shop from far distance as it will be well lit at night. I am not sure what the business hour is for the shop, but I was visiting at night that day.

Be warned that the place would be packed during weekend and finding a parking can be a nightmare. There are some staffs or helpers there helping to watch for the traffic and to assist you in parking and is free. You don’t have to pay for the parking or the staffs.

Upon entering, the place is packed to the grim. You can see all the aunties, uncles, teenagers, kids and even babies waiting for tables. I was lucky that night, a table was available after waiting for no more than 2 minutes.

Here are some pictures showing the crowd at the Tong Sui Po:

penang tong sui po

Find a table can be difficult at the Tong Sui Po.

penang tong sui po

Customers are seen looking for tables at the Tong Sui Po.

penang tong sui po

A photographing corner for visitors.

penang tong sui po

Staffs at the ordering counter.

Feeling a bit full, I ordered only the creamy peanut soup (花生糊), some ice creams for kids and a plate of Moo Chi (2 pieces).

Here are some pictures showing the food:

I ordered a bowl of creamy peanut soup at the Tong Sui Po.

moo chi

The big and yummy Moo Chi at the Tong Sui Po.

penang tong sui po

Ice creams for kids.

The peanut soup is tasty and smooth and not too sweet. The Moo Chi is big and very yummy and soft. Kids like the ice creams very much. A thumbs up for the shop. There is other food such as fries, chips and chicken wings. If you enjoy snacking and a bowl of sweet soup, this is the place to go. In addition, the place is also a good place for a night of romantic date with your sweetheart.

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