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The Best Pasembur in Penang

mee sultan pasembur

What exactly is “pasembur”?

The pasembur is a popular cuisine or maybe street food among the locals in Penang.

The pasembur is actually a salad of vegetables and it is made up of ingredients such as yam bean, cucumber, blanched bean sprouts, and different kinds of fritters, all doused with peanut gravy.

The origin of the pasembur is unknown and is thought to be originated from the Penang Indian Muslim.

mee sultan pasembur penang

Pasembur is a popular street food in Penang.

About the Mee Sultan pasembur in Penang

The Mee Sultan operated by Mohd Sultan Mydin at Swatow Lane serves one of the best pasembur in Penang.

Aside from pasembur, mee rebus and mee goreng are also some of the best dishes offered by Mee Sultan stall.

But the signature dish here is definitely the delicious pasembur that magically keeps customers to come back to Mee Sultan.

mee sultan penang

The Mee Sultan stall which is currently located in the New World Park.

What’s so special about the Mee Sultan pasembur

Mohd Sultan believes that it’s the uniquely made sauce that acts like magnets that lures the existing as well as new customers to visit his restaurant.

According to Mohd Sultan, the secret of the sauce served in the pasembur lies in the fact that it’s made from three types of sugar which are brown, rock and white sugar.

Other food at the Mee Sultan stall

Aside from pasembur, the mee goreng fried with prawn fritters, squid, bean sprout, slices of boiled potato and egg is as good as the pasembur.

The noodle of the mee goreng is tender and not too spicy. With some added gravy, it’s a little moist which adds extra flavor to it.

mee goreng penang

The delicious fried noodle that you can try at the stall.

Beef and chicken can also be added into the noodles, while the locals love the kelempung (beef liver), which adds a special flavor to the noodles.

A plate of basic pasembur is RM4, and it’s RM3 each for the mee goring and mee rebus. Come early, especially on weekends, as there is usually a huge crowd.

Sadly, if you visit Swatow Lane today you will find an empty street, void of life with the new self contained food court behind it.

mee sultan swatow lane

Other street food you can find at the stall.

The Mee Sultan was supposedly moved to the new food court (New World Park) that is clean and nice. But it’s completed walled off from the surrounding streets and lacks the charm and chaos that made the original hawker street one of the most famous food tourist destinations in Penang.

The Mee Sultan made a short attempt to keep open in the new food court but it couldn’t afford the rent thereafter and it died off. If anyone of you knows where the previously famous Mee Sultan has moved to, please let us know by giving your comment below.

Mee Sultan Pasembur

Other varieties of pasembur.

Location, Map and Driving Direction to Mee Sultan:

Mee Sultan is located at 14, Lorong Swatow, Georgetown Penang. It’s opened from 11:30am to 6:30pm daily.

Other food in Penang that you might be interested

  • Hameediyah murtabak – Mee Sultan is a stall that serves the best pasembur in Penang due to its unique peanut gravy. In addition, the stall also offers mee rebus and mee goring which is among the best on the island. Find out more about the delicious pasembur at Mee Sultan here.
  • Kampung Melayu Nasi Kandar – The Kampung Melayu Nasi Kandar serves one of the best nasi kandar in Penang. Find out more here why this restaurant is so famous for its divine signature dishes that our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd as well as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is some of the VIP regulars of this restaurant.
  • Line Clear Nasi Kandar – Another famous nasi kandar restaurant in Penang is called Line Clear located in Penang Street. This stall has been around for over 45 years and serves the best nasi kandar in town.
  • Sheikh Usman Gerai Roti Canai – Head out to Sheikh Usman Gerai Roti Canai at Argyll Road which serves the best roti-telur (egg pancake) and beef curry combination. Although the curry is a bit spicy, it tastes excellent when it goes with the roti-telur.
  • Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng – Like fried noodle? Then you should try the mee goreng (fried noodle) at Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng which is considered one of the best in Penang. The secret of this deliciously made mee goreng lies in the recipe that has been passed down over several generations.

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Photo credits: Mee Sultan FourSquare.

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