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The Super Delicious Dumpling Noodle in Penang

wan tan mee

One of the best dumpling noodle (Wan Tan Mee) (‘Wan Tan’ noodle) I have tried is at a noodle stall at Air Itam. Not only does the noodles taste good, the size of the dumplings or ‘Wan Tan’ is huge.

See the picture below. ‘Wan Tan’ means dumpling and Mee is noodle. Therefore, the whole thing can be translated to ‘noodle with dumplings’. A bit of introduction for Wan Tan Mee. It’s Chinese in origin and it’s a favorite food among the local Chinese people.

The noodles are garnished with slices of roast pork and ‘wan tan’ or pork dumplings. Therefore, it’s a non-halal food. It’s either served in soup or in dark sauce. You have to tell the chef which version you want, the soup based or the dark sauce. If not, the noodles will be served in dark sauce by default.

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The delicious Wan Tan Mee sold at a stall at Air Itam. It’s served in dark sauce. The noodles is garnished with slices of roast pork and vegetables. The Wan Tan or dumplings are put in a different bowl.

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The Wan Tan or the dumplings. Yummy!

The dumpling noodle (Wan Tan Mee ) is only served in the morning at this stall. Therefore, do go there during the morning for your breakfast. The price of the noodles is around RM3 for the smallest serving. There are small, medium and big serving. I always order the small serving so that I can eat more of the dumplings. The dumplings sold at this stall are filled with pork and other stalls might use prawn as filling.

I normally order extra dumplings which are put in a separate bowl and it comes with soup as well. The extra bowl of dumplings comes at only RM2.50. I didn’t actually count the number of dumplings but I believe it’s has more than 10. If you order the noodles only, it also comes with dumplings but there are only 3 and the RM3 charge for the noodles is inclusive of the dumplings for the smallest serving. I believe the medium and big servings are the same in terms of number of dumplings which is 3 and the difference is the amount of noodles and of course the price.

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The chef is busy preparing Wan Tan Mee.

The noodle stall does serve drinks as well but it’s operated by a different owner whose stall is located next to this Wan Tan Mee stall. This drink serving stall sells the cheapest Kopi Oh (black coffee without milk) in the whole Penang island.

The price for a cup of Kopi Oh is merely RM0.90. I bet you will be surprised and I don’t think you can find such price in the whole Penang island. The taste of the Kopi Oh is as good as or even better than some of the coffee shops around because the chef is very generous in terms of coffee powder serving.

This noodle stall at Air Itam is operated right in front of a wooden house by the main road at Paya Terubong. It’s very easy to notice the stall when you are coming from Paya Terubong towards Air Itam market or Kek Lok Si Temple. The stall is located on your left and before arriving at the stall, you will pass by a primary Chinese school on your left.

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Beneath the tree located a noodle stall which sells the best Wan Tan Mee at Air Itam.

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A closer look of the noodle stall.

From the look of the house, it looks a bit run down and it’s in no way looks a tiny bit like a fancy restaurant. Mind you, It’s just a small wooden hut with zinc roof. But you won’t know it serves one of the tastiest Wan Tan Mee at Air Itam. I think the house was used to be for residential purpose. Because of it’s ideal location since it’s located by the main road and it’s easily seen by people, the owner is making use of this to turn it into a profitable business.

The conclusion is this place is highly recommended!

Location, Map and Driving Direction to the Wan Tan Mee stall in Paya Terubong, Penang:

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