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My Experience At The First World Hotel Genting Highlands

genting highlands hotel stay

My Personal Review and Shared Pictures of First World Hotel

During a weekend I visited Genting Highlands for a short stay of 2 nights. I wanted to book the hotel before arriving but when i searched through Agoda and a few others booking services, there was no room available in any of the hotels in Genting. And the Resort World Genting app showed no room available either.

How to Make Reservation

So i had asked one of my friends working in Genting to make a reservation for me. Things were all set when my friend gave me the reservation number for 2 nights stay at the First World Hotel. The price for a night was quite steep. I was looking at around RM470 per night.

If you used the Resort World Genting app on your cell phone, you may be able to get some free rooms, depending on the seasons. But for me, i was out of luck as i booked in the last minutes. As a result, there was no free room for me.

The Check-In Process

Anyway, when i arrived at the First World Hotel, the check-in counter at the lobby was pretty packed and crowded with people. I was thinking to check in using the kiosk at the lobby as the queue at the counter was long. Unfortunately, i was not allowed to do so as i have not made payment yet for the reservation. So i had to queue up to do the check in process.

You can see the long queue in the snap below:

first world hotel lobby

Long queue seen at the lobby check in counter.

Here are the check-in kiosks that you are supposed to use to check in. Please note that if you can use the kiosk to check but still go to the counter, you will be charged RM15 per person.

first world hotel check in kiosk

You are supposed to use these check in kiosks.

In the end, the whole process had taken me about an hour just to make payment and check in. So for readers who do not want to go thru the pain of queuing and waiting, make sure you make payment first before checking in by using the kiosk instead of at the counter.

What’s Inside The Room

Since i was with a family of two adults and two young kids, i was given a triple deluxe room at the First World Hotel at Level 27 and the room is located in the newly built and extended wing.

Upon reaching the room, there were two beds, one single and one double. Here are some photos of the interior of the room.

first world hotel room

Inside the room at the First World Hotel

first world hotel room

Inside the room at the First World Hotel

first world hotel room

Inside the room at the First World Hotel

The room is quite small actually but is enough for a family of 2 adults and 2 young kids. There is no air-conditioner in the room as the weather in Genting Highlands is cooling. All I did was to open up the window to let the cool air to come inside the room.

In addition, the room is actually packed with some basic facilities such as tv with incredible channels, hair drier, shower gel, toiletries, and a very awesome safe box. The safe box can actually accommodate a 15-inch laptop. I had brought my laptop during the trip and was worried of where to keep it. It turned out that i could fit my laptop in the safe box in the room. It had saved me quite a bit of money actually.

The Security or Safe Box

For your information, there are quite a lot of lockers around Genting but they are located quite far from First World Hotel. And they cost quite a lot. As far as i can remember, one time use is around RM20 to RM30 for a small size locker. So the safe box in the room had actually helped a lot in my situation where i had put my laptop, all phone chargers, and some other costly stuffs like watches, cell phone, etc.

In the following picture, you can see the safe or security box in my room at the First World Hotel.

first world hotel room

Inside the room at the First World Hotel

The View from the Window

To wrap up the post, the view from the First World Hotel room is actually facing the Maxim Hotel and the Genting Grand which is quite breathtaking.

Here are a few photos taken from my phone:

first world hotel view

A breathtaking view from the room at the First World Hotel

first world hotel view

A breathtaking view from the room at the First World Hotel

first world hotel night view

Night view from the room

Overall i was quite satisfied with the service provided by First World Hotel and the room provided.

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