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The Malayan Tigers Are Heading Towards Extinction!

Kinabalu Park

What happen to the Malayan tiger

It’s sad to see again that one of our Malaysian tigers is trapped by poachers. It happened on Oct 4 2009 when a 120kg male tiger had its forelimb ensnared by traps set by poachers. Luckily the Perak National Parks and Wildlife Department managed to save this tiger from dying due to injuries caused by the trap.

The incident happened in the Royal Belum Forest Reserve. The Royal Belum Forest Reserve is a large piece of forest reserve located in Gerik, Perak.

How the tiger was rescued

The rescue operation went smoothly but got a little hiccup due to bad weather condition. From the Star Report, the rescuers took about 45 minutes to immobilize the tigers from the time it was first discovered. The tiger got injured pretty badly as the trap had penetrated into its bone.

Fortunately, it was spotted early and was rescued successfully. If not, the tiger would have died struggling with its leg trapped in the wild. The tiger will be moved to the Malacca Zoo after being given first aid treatment.

Poor Tigers Got Trapped

Protected animal: The male tiger with its right forelimb ensnared by a trap. The rescued animal is receiving treatment and will be cared for at the Malacca Zoo.

The fine is too light for poachers

Tigers in Malaysia are protected wildlife species under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Those found killing or keeping tigers can be fined up to RM15,000 or sentenced to jail for not more than five years. It’s very rare in Malaysia that poachers are jailed for keeping or killing tigers.

Normally they are just left off with the RM15,000 fine. Don’t you think the RM15,000 (approximately USD4400) fine is too light as a deterrent? One male tiger of this size can easily fetch up to RM100K in the black market. Perhaps the authorities would like to consider increasing the RM15,000 fine and the 5 years jail term.

How you can help to save the Malayan tigers

Moreover, as a consumer, the thing you can do to save our tiger is to refrain from eating and buying any tiger parts in the black market. I know some places in Malaysia especially in the rural areas are still very popular in slaughtering and eating wildlife especially tigers.

Therefore, the only way to curb this illegal act is to refrain from buying it. If there is no demand, the killing will stop.

Map, Location and Driving Direction to Royal Belum Forest Reserve

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