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Malaysia Medical Tourism and Health Care Services

malaysia medical tourismMalaysia medical tourism offers competitive medical and hospital charges for top quality medical care. Foreign patients consider Malaysia a wise choice due to the state-of-the-art private medical centers in the country. These establishments are well-equipped and staffed to serve the healthcare needs of people from all over the world. After a surgery or treatment or during the recuperating period, the patients become tourists, enjoying a spot of sightseeing, playing a round of golf or two, or going for spa treatments.

Healthcare in Malaysia

There are many advantages of choosing Malaysia for your private health and medical requirements.

Affordability is one of the key factors drawing patients to Malaysia due to the favorable exchange rate of the Ringgit (RM). Patients can undergo treatment, recuperate and enjoy a holiday in Malaysia for much less than what it would cost them for treatment alone in other countries. This results in healthcare costs in the country being one of the most competitive in the region. For example, a normal cardiac bypass surgery in Malaysia can cost between US$6,500 and US$9,000 which includes a two to three-day stay in the intensive care unit, up to seven days in the ward including consultation, cardiologist and anesthetic fees.

Medical Staffs and Specialists

Malaysia’s private hospitals provide patients with access to highly qualified staffs, both medical and administrative. These medical specialists are well trained with recognized post-graduate qualifications from UK, Australia and USA. Medical professionals possess not just experience in established medical practices, but also knowledge of cutting-edge developments. Most importantly, the medical staffs strive to provide a caring and friendly environment vital for a patient’s healing and well-being.

Quality Assurance

In Malaysia, all private medical centers are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health. Internationally recognized accreditation such as the MS ISO 9002 and the Malaysia Standard Quality of Health (MSQH) certification based on the Australian Healthcare Standards are the reason foreigners and locals alike have placed their confidence in Malaysia’s hospitals. Such accreditation is a guarantee of the best in medical service and reliability.

Medical Services

Malaysian hospitals also possess an edge when it comes to the availability of services. Collectively the network of private hospitals here, offer comprehensive services in virtually all medical disciplines including internal medicine general surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, speech therapy, radiology, cardiology, dentistry, urology and nephrology among others.


Communication in Malaysia is easy as English-speaking medical staffs are on hand to ensure your stay is pleasant. The multi-ethnic and multi-lingual support staffs come from various religious backgrounds. Therefore religious sensitivities as well as cultural differences are respected throughout these medical centers.


Malaysia also caters to the various needs of those seeking medical treatment by providing accommodation from luxurious suites to single-bedrooms, same gender doctor, halal menus and vegetarian meals, among others.

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Malaysia Healthcare Website
The one stop destination for all your medical and tourism related needs. Malaysia Healthcare networks the services of top hospitals, doctors and tour operators in Malaysia, helping you plan your complete medical treatment and holiday in Malaysia. Our panel of Medical Advisors have all been internationally recognized as leaders in their fields.

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MediTravel is the ultimate medical travel service for international patients who are looking to undergo essential medical procedures in Malaysia. Using only world-class medical facilities boasting leading edge technology and highly experienced and accredited consultants, MediTravel offers the following medical services and treatments. • Lasik and related eye procedures • Orthopaedic procedures • Cardiac procedures • Health screenings • Fertility treatments • Aesthetic and cosmetic procedures and • General and aesthetic dental procedures. As a division of Holiday Tours & Travel, one of Malaysia’s most established and respected names in travel management, MediTravel will provide you with end-to-end, managed and customised medical travel services. This means a travel itinerary that places a high priority on your healthcare needs and requirements. For further information email:meditravel@holidaytours.com.my

Phone: +6(03) – 2719 1833
Fax: +6(03) 2710 8182

Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia
Welcome to Malaysia for your Health & Medical Tourism. Here’s a list of Private Hospitals in Malaysia providing excellent healthcare, at affordable prices. Combined with the best practitioners, a complete medical care is possible for you and your loved ones. While recuperating, visit Malaysia’s interesting and world class destinations. Visit Malaysia for all your medical needs!

Phone: +603-4252 0278
Fax: +603-4251 0278

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