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Fly Flexibly With Malaysian Airline Economy Class Fares

mas economy class ticket


Flying on low fares are great except for some limitations. Now you can travel on your own terms with Malaysia Airlines’ new economy class fares.

So you’ve found an awesome deal and booked your holiday. You are all set to jet off into paradise. Alas, luck is not on your side because just as you are packing for your trip, you get news of an urgent matter you just can’t get out of.

There goes your vacation and your hard-earned money . . . but it doesn’t have to be like this.

To offer customers the liberty of choosing their travel terms based on their lifestyle and needs, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has introduced four different economy class fares (for domestic travel) that let you fly cheap, with three allowing for changes in booking and one for refunds (at a fee, of course).

The cheapest category would be MHLow, which offers up to 70% savings but does not allow any change of dates or refunds. Tickets must be purchased 21 days in advance. This category is perfect for those who have time flexibility or those whose job routine is quite predictable.

Cheap domestic travel in Malaysia
Lilian Tan in the Tatra mountains of Slovakia.

“My job as a finance manager is quite predictable, and I have the luxury to pre-plan my holidays so booking in advance is not a problem,” says Lilian Tan, in her mid-30s.

“If something came up and I had no choice but to postpone my trip, I would still have the choice of changing the dates by upgrading to MHBasic.”

MHBasic is the next category up, and offers great savings. Tickets must be purchased at least 14 days in advance and date changes are allowed with a certain fee. Refunds are not allowed if you decide to cancel the trip.

Travellers who are looking for bigger baggage allowance can opt for fares in the MHSmart category. MHSmart offers up to 20% discount, has a free 25kg baggage allowance and allows flight changes for trips that are booked at least seven days in advance. Refunds are not given.

The highest category in the economy class scale is the full-priced MHFlex because customers get total flexibility. This is excellent for business travelers as you can purchase a ticket for an afternoon flight the very morning itself. And if you decide to cancel at the last minute, you will get a refund after paying a small service charge.

“My husband Sidek Kamiso, a corporate communications manager, would opt for MHFlex as his work trips do get postponed at the last minute,” says unit trust consultant, Norlin Wan Musa, who is in her 30s.

“We would opt for MHSmart for family trips as we could use the 25kg baggage allowance for shopping etc.

“The flexibility is needed just in case we need to change the dates if Sidek is recalled to work,” says Norlin.

Cheap flight to Malaysia
Norlin Wan Musa with daughter Ishra.

Norlin would buy MHBasic if they were to go on a holiday with the kids.

“We always book our tickets ahead of time when we go for these holidays. Our favorite destinations are the East Coast islands. At least we can still change the dates after paying certain fees.”

Although MHLow offers attractive discounts, Norlin will not choose it if her kids are coming along because it is not flexible enough.

“We had to fly back earlier from Kuching because of work matters and due to some mis-communication, we discovered that we couldn’t change our flights when we turned up at the airport.

“The kids got restless because of the wait, and that was when we decided we wouldn’t buy that type of ticket anymore.”
MHLow is also the choice of tour organizer Yong Lee Min, 50, who specializes in budget “mild adventure” outings.

“My trips are normally pre-planned way in advance, so I will opt for the maximum discount rate in MHLow,” says Yong.

As a budget travel operator, Yong checks out various airlines to get the best deal. While cost is a major consideration, there are other factors such as convenience and timing.

“Another consideration for me is the timing of the flight. If I take an afternoon flight, after transfers and hotel check-ins, most of the day is lost. I prefer flights that leave Kuala Lumpur in the morning and return at night.

“This means arriving at a place early and departing the holiday place late, thereby maximizing holiday time.

“I find MH services are better and nicer and I would opt for it if the fares are about the same as other airlines,” he concludes.

o Value Fares for domestic travel are available now, while route by route roll-out started on Feb 26. For more information, visit www.malaysiaairlines.com

Malaysia cheap air fare
Malaysian Airline (MAS) MH Value Fares

Source from: http://thestar.com.my/

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