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Malaysia Tourism Tops Travel Wish Lists!

holidays in malaysia


Malaysia tops Wotif.com‘s travel wish list for this year.

According to Wotif.com, 2009 should be a great year for tourism in Malaysia, with Malaysian destinations topping the online accommodation website’s Travel Wish List poll for 2009.

Wotif.com executive general manager for Asia, Sii Eawsakul, said Malaysia has always been a popular destination.

Holidays in Malaysia
Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, is a popular destination because of the stability in the country.

In 2008, Wotif.com bookings showed strong growth towards the end of the year.

“Malaysia’s stable political situation saw it finish the year strongly in terms of bookings. An increased fascination with the region is evident from Asian travellers who voted it as the most popular destination on their travel wish lists for 2009,” said Sii.

The top Asian regions in terms of the number of bookings received for stays during 2008 were Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Japan, Macau and Cambodia.

Wotif.com’s survey, with over 750 responses, found Malaysia to be the most popular destination among Asian travellers.

Travel Wish List destinations for 2009: Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Australia, the US, Indonesia and France.

“Our survey of Asian travellers shows that most wish to travel to destinations within Asia and closer to home, rather than travelling long haul.

“It is great to see the support for local tourism,” said Sii.

Within Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur‘s business and leisure appeal ensured it took the number one position for bookings through Wotif.com, followed by local favourite Penang.

Malaysia’s top destinations for 2008: Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, Malacca, Sabah, Johor, Pahang, Sarawak, Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu.

“Malaysia has a great variety of destinations for travellers to enjoy and with more hotels springing up, it’s no wonder it is becoming one of the most popular destinations on our site,” said Sii.

• Wotif.com sells accommodation online in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, Europe and America.

• Results are from an online survey of Asian travellers conducted by Wotif.com which had 761 responses.

Source from: http://thestar.com.my/

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