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The Oldest Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur

St. Mary's Cathedral


The St. Mary’s Cathedral is an impressive building that has over 100 years of history. The construction of the church started in the 1890s when a decision was made to erect a new building to house the growing congregation during that period. The church is located at the famous Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square.

One of the attractions of the St. Mary’s Cathedral is the exceptional English pipe organ installed in the church in 1895 by Henry Willis. Henry Willis is a famous English organ maker who also made the organ for St Paul’s Cathedral in London and the original Grand Organ of the Royal Albert Hall.

St. Mary's Cathedral
The Striking St. Mary’s Cathedral at Dataran Merdeka

Moreover, the St. Mary’s Cathedral has impressive architecture that was based on the Early English Gothic style designed by architect A.C. Norman. The building consists of a nave 87 feet long by 28 feet wide and a chancel 29 feet long by 22 feet wide with an octagonal end, together with a vestry and organ chamber. The nave can accommodate a congregation of 180 people and the chancel, a choir of 20.

St. Mary's Church
The 100 Years-Old St. Mary’s Cathedral

When the Diocese of West Malaysia was established in 1970, St. Mary’s Church was made the see of the Bishop of West Malaysia. All in all, the St. Mary’s Cathedral is a place definitely worth visiting. It’s one of few pre-war churches in Kuala Lumpur that has been well preserved and maintained until today.

Location, Map and Driving Direction to St. Mary’s Cathedral at Jalan Raja, Dataran Merderka:

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