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The Intelligent Garden City of Malaysia

Putrajaya Sri Wawasan Bridge

Comments by tourists about Putrajaya

“Putrajaya Lake – A man-made beautiful lake!”

This is a fully man-made lake to function as a cooling system for the city. The breeze cools down passing over the lake and creates a pleasant temperature.

Another value of the lake is to transform this administrative center to a lovely city that offers water sport, lake cruise and beautiful view to balance the hectic life of the officials.

Visited May 2014

“5 star experience on the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya”

Tried this with family on Federal Territory Day. Got 50% discount on this special day hence our fare was only RM40 (2 adults and 1 child). There are 2 types of boat ie the Dondang Sayang or Cruise Boat. We tried the latter.

Overall very good experience, staff were friendly and helpful, boat was big and comfortable… We really enjoyed ourselves! Will definitely recommend to others. Thumbs up!!!

Visited February 2014

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

A ship cruising gently in the Putrajaya lake.

“Putrajaya Mosque – Serenity with your creator ”

The mosque is well located and caters well for the many hundreds of tourist that come to see its beautiful architecture and surrounds. Well designed and caters for a huge congregation.

The keepers of the mosque are well trained and acknowledge tourist. The Friday prayers was quite fulfilling and indeed a sight to see so many people in one sitting with exceptional order.

“Putrajaya Mosque – Amazing pink mosque overlooking a beautiful lake”

I saw this pink mosque when I went to Putrajaya. The mosque looked elegant with the the beautiful putrjaya lake and you can see a stunning view in the evening. There is a very spacious ground in front of the main gate.

I guess this is a must see if you are in Putrajaya. There is a Putrajaya city tour bus for 1 RM! operated by the Malaysian government. Really worth the tour with an English speaking guide.

Pink mosque, Putrajaya

The pink mosque in Putrajaya.

“Putrajaya Botanical Garden – Magnificent Gardens”

Putrajaya Botanical Garden or widely known as Taman Botani Putrajaya by the locals is something not to be missed if you are around Kuala Lumpur. Been there for the first time today and I just fell in love with this place.

It’s clean, well maintained, beautifully decorated, serene and most importantly, it’s so green! Highly recommended for afternoon stroll with kids, jogging, sight seeing or picnic even better. Bicycles are available for rent, including baby carrier that is attached to the bikes. Nice place to hang out.

Visited January 2014

Botanical garden in Putrajaya

The botanical garden in Putrajaya

“Seri Wawasan Bridge – “Excellent night view”

With the different coloured lightings, the bridge changes its colour beautifully. You can just sit and soak in the atmosphere.

“Seri Wawasan Bridge – Awesome”

The magnanimous bridge can be viewed from quite a distance. One can stop over beside the bridge and take some good photos. It can also be viewed from the Putrajaya Mosques terrace. The best view is from the cruise which I suggest everyone should take once.

Visited August 2013

Source: Tripadvisor

Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putrajaya

The Seri Wawasan Bridge in Putrajaya

About Putrajaya

Putrajaya was founded in 1995 as the new federal administrative capital of Malaysia. Putrajaya is located in the heart of the Mulimedia Super Corridor (MSC), an area designed not only to attract high-tech companies to come to Malaysia for investment, but also with plenty of greenery in mind.

Therefore, Putrajaya is regarded as one of the modern cities in Malaysia that is well-planned in addition to being considered as an intelligent garden city. As a result, Putrajaya is sophisticated, well-developed and the most livable cities in Kuala Lumpur. Traffic congestion is hardly heard of in Putrajaya.

Attractions of Putrajaya

Putrajaya is built on cleared forest land and centered around a huge artificial lake. The city is designed to create a sense of vastness and with so much water around, great attention has been paid to building massive bridges. These include the Putra Bridge, inspired by the Khaju Bridge in Iran, and the 787-ft (240m) long Seri Gemilang Bridge.


Putrajaya – The Intelligent Garden City of Kuala Lumpur

Artificial Lakes in Putrajaya

With so much water in terms of artificial lakes around Putrajaya, it offers not only a sense of tranquility but also an excellent venue for photography enthusiasts. In fact, Putrajaya has the honor of being called the most photographed city in Malaysia. Wedding and portrait photography is especially popular here in addition to landscape photography which captures the beauty as well as the unique architecture of buildings in Putrajaya.

Lake in Putrajaya

The beautiful artificial lake in Putrajaya

Tourism is big time in Putrajaya. With the many impressive buildings, lakes, bridges and greenery around in Putrajaya, tourists from all around the country are flocking here to get a glimpse of this magnificent city.

Buildings in Putrajaya

Government departments and ministries began moving here from Kuala Lumpur in 1999. These include the Prime Minister’s office, known as Perdana Putra, built in a flamboyant Malay-Palladian style, and the equally grand Palace of Justice, topped with a gigantic dome.

Palace of Justice

Putrajaya – Palace of Justice

The Putra Mosque with its 380-ft (116-m) high minaret looms over one edge of the lake and is one of the city’s most impressive buildings, blending architectural styles from Iraq, Iran, and Morocco. Other sights worth exploring include the Botanic Garden with its collection of tropical flora, and the Putrajaya Wetlands, which were constructed to help cleanse river water. Paddle-boats can be hired for trips on the wetlands and lake.

Lying on the outskirt of Putrajaya is its twin town, Cyberjaya. Conceived as a center for high-tech companies, it has been under construction for over ten years.

Needless to say, if you are traveling in Malaysia, Putrajaya is definitely a tourist destination that should be in your vacation itinerary.

Nearby Attractions That You Might Be Interested

  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) – The KLCC is listed within the most visited tourist destination in Kuala Lumpur simply because the area is made up of multiple attractions including the Suria KLCC, KLCC Park, Aquaria KLCC, and of course the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers.
  • Chinatown – The Kuala Lumpur Chinatown is within the most visited tourist destination due to its vibrant economic and cultural activities including the famous Petaling Street Market. The Chinatown also encompasses other historically rich heritages such as the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Chan See Shu Yuen Temple, Sze Ya Temple, a Sikh temple, a Gospel church as well as the famous Islamic mosque, Masjid Jamek.
  • Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) – Home to a wealth of flora and fauna, this forest reserve features herb gardens, arboretums, nature trails and a wetland area. A highlight here is the canopy walkway, suspended 30m above ground level.
  • Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque (Blue Mosque) – The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is the state mosque of Selangor. It is the country’s biggest mosque and also the second biggest mosque in Southeast Asia. It’s nicknamed as ‘Blue Mosque‘ for its blue aluminum dome covered in a rosette of verses from the Qur’an.
  • Coliseum Cinema, Coliseum Café and Hotel – The Coliseum Theatre is one of the oldest movie theaters in Malaysia. Built in 1921 by the Chua family led by Chua Cheng Bok, the Art Deco-style building is capable of seating 900 people and also features a balcony. The famed Coliseum Café and Hotel are located behind the theatre, just down the road. Most of the movies premiering in the building are Indian movies.
  • Carcosa Seri Negara – The Carcosa Seri Negara is an exquisite pair of colonial mansions which was built between 1896 and 1904 on the edge of Lake Gardens. It consists of two buildings with the first being named as Carcosa while the second named as Seri Negara. Together the Carcosa and the Seri Negara buildings form one of Kuala Lumpur’s finest boutique hotels.

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