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The Historic Colonial Mansion That Houses Malaysia Biggest Tourism Centre

malaysia tourism centre


The Malaysian Tourism Information Complex is housed in an impressive heritage building that was built during the colonial period in 1935. The Malaysian Tourism Information Complex is also known as the Malaysia Tourism Centre. This massive colonial mansion is situated at Jalan Ampang which is close to KLCC. The site at which the mansion is located was originally an old rambutan orchard owned by a wealthy Chinese tin and rubber businessman named Eu Tong Seng. The Chinese business tycoon made the mansion his home as he believed the location has good feng shui.

The colonial mansion is one of the few heritage buildings in Kuala Lumpur that survived World War II. It’s the last few remaining mansions in Kuala Lumpur that inherits the British architecture and is truly an impressive heritage building that has been relatively well reserved until today.

malaysia tourism centre
Malaysian Tourism Information Complex that is housed in the Colonial Mansion

The colonial building has gone through quite an amazing number of historical events. Not long after the building was completed, World War II broke out. As a result, the Chinese tycoon Eu Tong Seng disappeared. Legend has it that he was fleeing the war to save his and his family lives. He took all his possession and wealth with him, leaving the mansion behind. However, another version of a story says that he was killed during World War II.

Nevertheless, as a result of his disappearance, the house was taken over by the British military and used as their war office. Subsequently, when the Japanese launched their gruesome attack on the British, the British retreated and left the mansion vacant again. As a result, it was occupied by the Japanese army who converted it into their headquarters in Malaysia for the remainder of the war.

After Malaysia independence, the building was taken over by the Malaysia government. Since then it has housed several government agencies and also witnessed the coronation ceremonies of four successive Malaysian kings. Thereafter, restoration work has been performed on the old mansion to restore it to its former glory.

Malaysia Tourism Centre
The Impressive Malaysian Tourism Information Complex

Today the main building in the complex houses the Malaysia tourist information office, while several annexes contain a tourist police office, restaurant, and a concert hall where regular cultural shows are performed. Traditional games, such as top-spinning, are also hosted here over the weekends.

All in all, the old mansion of the Malaysia Tourism Centre is a must-visit tourist destination in Kuala Lumpur. Aside from witnessing a magnificent masterpiece of a prewar building, you can also get all the information you need for traveling in Malaysia. The Malaysia Tourism Centre is the country largest tourism center that has everything you need for making your trip in Malaysia an enjoyable one.

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