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A Culturally Rich Indian Enclave in Kuala Lumpur

little india kl

What tourists are saying about the Little India in KL

“The name says it all”

This is a market place where most of the Indian origins hang around. There are many shops and eateries around which sell Indian goods and food.

“Truly Indian feel”

Lots of options for food, indian grocery shopping and temples. It gives you a mini home away from home feeling.

streets at little india kl

The streets at Little India are always packed with traffic and pedestrians.

“Great place for Indian food”

In Malaysia if you want to have Indian food. This is the place. You will more South Indian options. When you roam around here. You will find the place just like home in India. This was good attraction for 2nd honey moon vacation in Malaysia. Food away from home.

“Worth a visit for a cultural experience”

Indian cuisine, traditional clothes, and colorful shops filled with fabrics. If you’re unsure of how to spend a 2+ day trip in KL, definitely spend some time in Little India.

Visited August 2015

colonial building little india

Some colonial buildings are still standing.

“Seeing the other side of KL”

Sure it’s a bit trashy but not having seen anything similar before, for us it still an interesting aspect of KL. Plenty of colour, noise and smells.

As this visit was at the beginning of our trip we should have bargained harder for a couple of scarves we bought but they were still cheap. We bought a couple of naan from a small cafe on side street and it was good to sit for a moment and eat them and watch life go by.

Visited June 2015

stalls little india kl

A truly Indian atmosphere at the Little India.

“Fabrics, textiles – love it !!!!!!”

If you, like me, are interested in handicrafts, this is the place – you can get everything you need if you like to sew, and it is really cheap…… warning! Make room in your suitcase before you even leave home…………… 🙂

Visited July 2015

“Different part of KL”

I have visited Little India in Singapore previously, so decided to witness KL one too. When compare with Singapore, this place is cleaner and nicer with lot more spaces around. Lot of places for eat and lot of gold shops.

Prices are less in most things (specially shoes and cloths) but quality may also low. Nice places to eat and even I found Sri Lankan waiters in them that can speak in Sinhalese, Tamil and Malay. Few Hindu Temples too around, but its not uncommon thing in other parts of KL too.

Visited August 2014

little india food kl

You can try some authentic Indian cuisine at the Little India.

“Love the atmosphere”

We come here once in a while to buy a toothpaste (Don’t laugh! Only in Little India we can find neem toothpaste without SLS and Fluoride).
If you are in this area, buy some fruits, veggies and the flowers.

The quality of fruits & veggies is much better here than in Isetan. You’ll see lots of vegetarian restaurants – some are better than other, so choose wisely and enjoy typical Indian food. So delicious!

Some reviewers mentioned dirty streets. Well, you are in India, Little India. In real India this would be considered as a very clean area. Don’t complain and enjoy what is offered to you.

Visited June 2015
Source: Tripadvisor

jalan masjid india

The Jalan Masjid India street at the Little India.

About the Little India in Kuala Lumpur

The Little India is a popular tourist destination that adds a colorful touch to the multi-cultural neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur.

Although tiny in comparison with the Indian enclaves of Singapore or even Georgetown in Penang, Kuala Lumpur’s Little India is equally lively and colorful, steeped in the history and culture of the capital’s Indian community.

banana leaf nasi kandar

The banana leaf rice with gravy is one of the best food at the Little India.

Where is the Little India in KL

The attraction of Little India lies in its main street, Jalan Masjid India which takes its name from a famous Indian Muslim mosque, Masjid India.

Standing along Jalan Masjid India are rows of shops and stalls that are decorated with Indian merchandises such as saris, silk cloth and other fabric, jewelry, flowers and spices.

Kuala Lumpur Little India

Rows of colorful shops selling Indian merchandise.

What to see at Little India

Equally famous at Little India is the authentic Indian hawker food that is not only famous within the Indian community itself but also all over the country. Even foreigners are flocking here to try its various delicious Indian delicacies.

Other attractions include the stalls that sell a variety of tasty and traditional Indian snacks such as pakoras and samosas.

hindu temple little india

You can see some old Hindu temples.

Lorong Bunus is the street that marks the end of the northern side of Jalan Masjid India. If you walked to the end of the Lorong Bunus, it will lead you to a whole new world of the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Street which is the famous venue for night market or pasar malam.

Attractions of Little India

An assortment of Indian goods are sold here, including household items and brassware, and it is also one of the best places in the city to sample authentic Indian street food. During the day, artisans, including garland makers, can be seen at work all along the street.

KL Little India

Silk is one of the most popular souvenirs at the shops that you can buy.

In short, the Little India is a true reflection of the multi-culture society of Malaysia. It’s like a melting pot from which you can see the Malay, Chinese as well as the Indian socializing with each other.

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Photo credits: Jonathan Ooi, Yi Chen, Eduardo M. C., Jean-François Chénier, David Spreekmeester, Jamie, Yun Huang Yong, Bertrand DUPERRIN, Pretty Kate Machine, Bas Leenders.

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