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A Nature’s Paradise Near the City

Comments by tourists about Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

“Simply amazing”

Great place to be, canopy walk was amazing with a great view. Walking in rainforest was enchanting. We spent 5 hours there, but there was still a lot more to see.

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

A snapshot of wild fungus at the FRIM.

“Nature’s Paradise Near the City”

FRIM is located in Kepong and is a popular place for locals to commune with nature.

One of the activities visitors can do is to go on a canopy walk. However, to go on the canopy walk, visitors have to make a reservation by writing to FRIM One Stop Centre seven days in advance. For a party of ten and below, no reservation is necessary. You just go to the One Stop Centre to register and purchase tickets for the canopy. It’s quite an interesting experience and a bit scary for those who are afraid of heights. To reach the canopy walk, you need to hike up a hill for about an hour but it will depend on your fitness. Parts of the climb can be steep and slippery depending on the weather. Beware of leeches. Sometimes the canopy walk is not available.

Birdwatching is also a popular activity. You can see a variety of green-pigeons, bulbuls, barbets and flowerpeckers.

There is a waterfall and stream for you to picnic and just spend a pleasant day at the park enjoying the fresh air and the greenery.

If you go during weekends, it can get crowded and noisy. Mornings and evening are usually full of fitness buffs who are residents living nearby.

For photography enthusiasts, you can spend quite a fruitful time taking photos of the flora and fauna in the park. But make sure you bring a tripod for better shots.

There is an entrance fee which is RM 1 for Adults (Malaysians) and RM5 for Adults (Non-Malaysians). If you go by car, there is a RM5 charge.

Visited April 2014

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

Some wild berries found at the FRIM.

“The Great Escape!”

Great place for a quick getaway just a short drive from KL city center.

Plenty of things to do here: hiking through luscious greenery and up on the Canopy Walk, exercising, biking (you can rent a bicycle for RM10/2hours), have a picnic with family & friends, other sports facilities available as well e.g. tennis, football, etc (early bookings + additional fees may apply).

The hike trail I’d rate as between easy to moderate, suitable for all ages with good health/fitness level.

Shallow streams cascade down to form tiny falls, they aren’t much but good enough for a splash & waddle, the fresh cool waters especially invigorating after a good physical activity. With a bit of exploring you can find little nooks to sit in under the falling waters. Some nice spots on the banks to park your picnic basket.

The area is very well-maintained and relatively well-kept, barring uncivilized visitors who leave trash around!

If you drive here, try to utilize the proper parking facilities as road-side parking is prone to visits from the local inhabitants 😉

Fully packed on weekends! Come early.

Visited May 2014

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

A beautiful small creek at the FRIM.

“Great place for a walk ”

This is a lovely spot , popular with the locals and within easy reach of KL . I caught the train to kepong sentral station and then a taxi from there (cost about 10rm) then 5rm at the entrance. I also did the canopy walk which as everyone says you pay for at the visitors centre.

It’s a nice uphill walk to where the canopy walk is but should be fine for anyone used to a bit of hillwalking . Canopy walk is great and it’s a nice walk from there down to the picnic area and I saw a few monkeys along the way . There’s a lovely cafe there which does great food.

It’s worth getting your taxi drivers number when you get dropped off as the woman at the visitors centre said they will call them on your behalf when you want to head back to the station . I actually got a lift back from a friendly local but I’m sure they will do that.

“Canopy walk is great!”

We spent the morning at FRIM, got a taxi from KL (about 25 Ringet.) Take your walking shoes… there’s a lot of ground to cover. There are several different “gardens” fruit orchards rainforest trees etc.The canopy walk is a must, be prepared for a fairly difficult walk to get there but it’s well worth the effort.

Glimpses of the city through the trees along the way and a bird’s eye view of the forest below.

Visited March 2014

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

The famous canopy walk at the FRIM.

Source: Tripadvisor

About the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia or FRIM is one of the last plots of land in Kuala Lumpur that is reserved for non-commercial purposes such as education, tourism and research.

The FRIM occupies roughly 2 sq miles (5 sq km) of land in the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve. Founded in 1929, FRIM was established as a research and development center for tropical forests with special attention given on sustainable forest management.

What to see at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM)

To educate the public on the importance of sustainable forest management, a museum and an education center have been established within the FRIM to provide information on the work done by the institute. Moreover, there are several native trees planted within the institute, including several species of dipterocarp (hardwood).

These hard to find native trees in Malaysia are the rarest species in the world and the FRIM is reputed to possess the most comprehensive collection of them. If you are visiting FRIM, do pay a visit to these magnificent trees that can only be found in virgin forests deep in the jungle.

FRIM canopy

This is how the canopy looks like when you look up from the ground within the forest reserve.

The canopy walkway

Other attractions of FRIM that are worth mentioning are the exotic canopy walkway measuring 656-ft (200-m) and is suspended 98-ft (30-m) above the ground. Walking through the canopy walkway is both exciting and extraordinary as you will get a fascinating close-up view of the treetops.

The canopy walkway is definitely going to be a new experience for people from the city and those who have never been in the forest before. It offers an interesting glimpse of what a tropical forest is from above the tree. Therefore, it’s something that you must do when you have the chance to visit FRIM.

Other adventurous activities

In addition, there are other adventurous activities waiting for you to explore at the FRIM. You can participate in some hiking trips that offer an exciting experience within the jungle. If you are lucky enough, you will probably encounter some rare animals and birds. For people who are into bird watching, the FRIM is absolutely the place to go. Other activities that can be done at the FRIM is mountain biking, camping and picnic.

FRIM canopy walk

The canopy walkway at FRIM.

All in all, the FRIM is a place for both individual and family. It’s a good educational trip for your kids that will teach them valuable lessons about forests protection.

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