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The Largest Market in Kuala Lumpur

chow kit market

What tourists are saying about the Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur

“You can find almost all the things here…”

Located at Chow Kit Road. It a wet market to night market. Very popular for the tourist and I guess most people heard of Chow Kit.

The wet market you can find most of the ingredient for your kitchen which is sold by mostly Indonesian traders.

This where you can easily find used clothing, leather goods and etc. It is quite an attraction with all the shouting and promoting of their goods by the vendors.

Visited March 2015

chow kit market

Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur

“Give it a go”

Wandering into Chowkit market, it’s a wet market, selling fresh foods, fish, meat, chicken, vegetable, fruits, spices and other stuffs for daily local people needs.

Just go there for an experience of how the local do their shopping daily and how the stalls are selling their stocks. Maximum one hour or less to visit this market is recommended and if you can handle the smelly and it’s wet floor when you get into it then you will see other surprises, the difference are your experience if you’re living in the modern country.

Visited March 2015

“Authentic and not for the faint hearted!!”

As soon as you arrive at Chow Kit station and walk down onto the street you will begin to feel the vibe of the place.

It is raw, authentic and how the locals live. I didn’t feel threatened or worried but there were definitely some questionable characters around and a lot of beggars.

I didn’t see any other tourists in the market at all. Lots of cheap shoes, bags, food, clothes and groceries. It is definitely targeted at locals.

I sampled some lovely delicacies from the hawkers and enjoyed satays for lunch. Have a go. I did and it was great.

It is not a must see, especially if you don’t like to be confronted with dirt, crowds and beggars, but it is the real Malaysia so for those of you who want to see that, here it is!

pan mee chow kit

Best noodle i have ever tried at Chow Kit!

“Blows your mind – wow”

This is a place that brings together real food and home wares. It has a collection of small places to eat.

A must see. We visited on a week day morning and were the only tourists.

We stood out. Despite this, everyone was getting on with their business and no-one seemed to mind our visit. You will see dead animals and meat, fish and vegetables being prepared for sale. You need to see and smell this place.

Its wonderful, the people are nice and welcoming.

Visited February 2015

chow kit market

Some folks there

“Favourite place in KL”

In the 10 days I spent sight seeing in KL, Chow Kit was the highlight. Easy to get to via monorail or bus, the suburb is busy and bustling with local sites a plenty.

The market is even better, with all the fresh fruit, veges, fish and meat you could want. You can also try a few local delicacies at the many street vendors around the market. Highly recommended.

Source: Tripadvisor

About Chow Kit Market in Kuala Lumpur

Chow Kit Market is one of the biggest and most popular street markets in Kuala Lumpur.

The market is located in a sub-district called Chow Kit in the midst of Kuala Lumpur. The Chow Kit district was named after a tin miner and municipal councilor called Loke Chow Kit.

chow kit market

Fresh produce at Chow Kit Market

The Chow Kit Market, also known as Bazaar Baru Chow Kit, is arguably the largest wet market and a famous tourist attraction not only in Chow Kit district but in the entire Kuala Lumpur.

What to see at Chow Kit

Chow Kit Market is literally a wet market that is strung out along narrow lanes and alleys just to the east of the popular Jalan TAR.

It is divided into various sections and is especially known for its fresh produce, which includes everything from exotic fruits and vegetables to live seafood, dried anchovies and meat.

Chow Kit Market is also one of the best places to buy secondhand clothes. Numerous other stalls selling household goods, shoes, watches and a wide variety of everyday items fill the market.

chow kit market

All sorts of things are available.

What to eat at Chow Kit

Aside from the popular exotic food that is available here, other interesting sights at the Chow Kit Market are the shouting of stall owners which is meant to vie for potential customers’ attention and the transportation of carts laden with goods between stalls by porters.

Although the smells of dried fish and anchovies can be overpowering and the narrow wooden walkways can be wet and slippery, the market offers an interesting glimpse of everyday life in Kuala Lumpur. In short, it’s one heck of a busy market.

Moreover, the Chow Kit Market is arguably a melting pot and gathering place of people of various ethic backgrounds.

You can see not only the Malay, Chinese and Indian traders and customers at the Chow Kit Market, there is also the Indonesian, Bangladesh and the latest being the African community setting up their stalls here.

pan mee chow kit

Pan Mee at Chow Kit Market

Nightlife at Chow Kit

Even after the wet market closes at around 6pm, the Chow Kit Market is not yet over. In fact, this is just the beginning of more happening events in the Chow Kit Market.

At around 7pm, the place will be taken over by night market. You can see a profusion of hawker stalls setting up shops, offering a variety of Malay snacks, as well as inexpensive but substantial meals, cooked in the traditional way. This is the place where you can taste the authentic Chinese and Indian food.

pan mee chow kit

Flaming hot Pan Mee at Chow Kit Market!

The market is always bustling and often last into the early hours. As with other crowded areas, visitors should be vigilant of pickpockets, especially after dark.

All in all, the Chow Kit Market is definitely the place to visit if you would like to see the day to day life of the ordinary people in Kuala Lumpur.

The common sights here are that most of the stalls are a bit run down and the entire market might look a bit like a slum. Occasionally, some beggars might even come up to you to beg for money.

These are the usual scenes at the Chow Kit Market. This is how the lower rank of the people live their lives in Kuala Lumpur.

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Photo credits: Daniel Müller, Connie Ma, Mindy McAdams, Sean Ng, William Ng.

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