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A Marvelous Visual Treat at The Aqualia KLCC

Aqualia KLCC

What tourists said about the Aqualia KLCC

“Overnight Stay – A Different Experience”

They sometime offer overnight stay at aquaria. Children will be able to sleep in sleeping bag as the fish swims around them.

It is an educational overstay and my children had enjoyed it immensely. The staff were very professional and took care of my children very well.

The charge is quite affordable and worthwhile. A good place to send your children to learn about animals of the sea.

“Worth Visiting”

This is worth seeing attraction while in Kuala Lampur. Located at basement of KLCC; one should plan in a way so that he or she can visit Acquria, KLCC and Petronas Twin Tower all together…to save time & effort.

Acquria KLCC has two tariff structure; RM50 /person for foreigner and RM35 for locals. It has a tunnel and fixed tub for different species of fishes. No doubt; its a good learning experience for kids.

aquaria klcc

A walk thru tunnel at the Aquaria KLCC.

“Well Worth A Visit”

We really enjoyed our visit to the aquarium. We thought there was lots of wild life to be seen and that it was well presented and laid out.

The star of show really was going through the aquarium on the conveyor belt…really was an impressive tunnel of fabulous under sea wild life swimming all around, big Sharks, Stingrays etc.

Its not a huge aquarium…it won’t take long to get around.

Visited February 2014

“A good place to hang out for half a day”

The moment we entered Aquaria KLCC, we were welcomed by a large Piranha Tank, which is apparently Malaysia’s first Piranha Tank. We were so excited as it was the first we saw Piranha. *shy* The piranhas’ feeding session at 4pm but we missed it.

Moving on, there were three Touch Pools where visitors can get up-close and personal with some gentle reef creatures. However, just like most people, we were not too keen to feel live sea cucumber on our palm so we would rather just watch them. Both my husband and Mom stuck in front these pools for a pretty long time as they listened to a staff explaining the reef creatures inside the Touch Pools.

Next, we explored Jewels of the Jungle which hosts lots of living land-bound animals such as snakes, gekkos, tarantulas, frogs and other creepy amphibians that I would rather see from far away. I have actually seen some of the animals in Batu Secret Zoo, Indonesia that I visited a couple years ago.

I was relieved when we’re finished with this department because some of the crawly animals did make my hair in my arms stood up. I was a happier person when I checked out the creatures of the deep sea and fresh water as somehow some of them were pretty beautiful and cute. The prehistoric monster fish from Amazon caught my parents’ attention best as they never saw anything gigantic like them in real life before.

In summary, I think Sentosa’s Underwater World in Singapore is slightly bigger and has more sea creatures’ collection than Aquaria KLCC. Nevertheless, overall, it’s a fun day in Aquaria KLCC. The place is clean and well maintained.

Visited August 2014

aquaria klcc

A very special marine creature seen at the Aquaria KLCC.

“Decent Aquarium for some relaxing time”

If you have been shopping and eating out in KL then a visit to the Aquarium will be a welcome change. There are not much attractions within the city so we visited this aquarium. We have visited better ones in Bangkok, Singapore and US so this wont compare to all those.

Still Aquaria KLCC had a decent variety of fish including sharks, giant sting rays, Turtles and tank full of piranhas.

Visit on Mon, Wed or Sat to see the Shark feeding show which is a highlight. Plan to visit the aquarium around 2.30pm. The Shark feeding on above mentioned dates is at 3pm. This is the highlight of the visit. After walking the full length of the aquarium you can make your way back near the entrance if you want to watch the daily Piranha feeding show at 4pm. They basically put a couple of dead fish on a string and immediately the Piranhas will get down to shredding the fish into bits and within a matter of minutes the food will be gone. Not a great sight tho…haha.

Visited September 2014
Source: Tripadvisor

aquaria klcc

A rounded aquarium that features fresh water fish.

About the KLCC Aquaria

The Aqualia KLCC is a newly added attraction in the KLCC area. It’s a phenomenal underwater aquarium that equates the Underwater World Langkawi which is considered one of the largest and most sophisticated aquariums in Malaysia.

The Aqualia KLCC is a gigantic masterpiece that occupies as many as two floor levels within the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC). For your information, the KLCC is only about a stone throw away from the magnificent Petronas Towers.

aquaria klcc

One of the largest tanks at the Aquaria KLCC.

Attractions of KLCC Aquaria

The attraction of Aqualia KLCC lies in the fact that it’s a non-conventional or at least not like the typical aquarium that you have seen previously.

In fact, most aquariums in the Aqualia KLCC are designed based on the frameless and coverless concept in which a sense of openness is the order of the day. All of these are due to the marvelous technology that emphasizes the use of glasses.

You will see a lot of waters flowing around, school of fishes that are within your reach and all sorts of marine creatures that comes to life as if they are living in the wilderness.

aquaria klcc

One of the highlights at the Aquaria is this tank that houses hundreds of piranhas.

What to see at the Aquaria KLCC

The shocking fact is that this state-of-the-art Aqualia KLCC is home to over 5,000 creatures, both aquatic and terrestrial, including around 150 different species of fish from across the world.

And this is including the Amazon ecosystem that covers not only the aquatic species but also land-based animals such as gigantic insects and others rare creatures. As a result, you will be treated to one of the world’s most diverse aquatic facility.

Aqualia KLCC Amazon Ecosystem

The Amazon ecosystem shown at the Aquaria KLCC.

Conceptualized around the route that water takes from the mountains to the sea, the Aqualia KLCC recreates various ecosystems. The journey begins in the highlands and is followed by a flooded forest display where giant catfish can be seen lurking among tree roots. Other ecosystems include mangroves, coral reefs, and the spectacular open ocean.

A must see feature at the aquarium

A highlight is the 295-ft (90-m) long moving walkway underwater tunnel, which offers views of a simulated natural habitat and a shipwreck colonized by reef inhabitants, as well as close-up sightings of stingrays, eels, and rare sand tiger sharks.

Moreover, the Aqualia KLCC has a built-in theater that films on Malaysia’s marine life, and a touch pool lets children handle aquatic creatures. There is even a package that is for the more adventurous visitors who want to swim with sharks, but advance booking is essential.

Aqualia KLCC Touch Pool

The Aqualia KLCC touch pool.

All in all, the Aqualia KLCC is absolutely a must-visit premier tourist destination in Malaysia.

Address and Contact

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 2333 1888
Fax: +603 2380 0069
For further inquiries, please email : marketing@aquawalk.com

Aqualia KLCC is open daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Photo credits: Georgette Tan, Colin Charles, chee.hong, Emran Kassim.

For more pictures of the Aqualia KLCC, please visit the following flickr photostream:


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  • Alec June 9, 2011, 11:10 pm

    I have been to the KLCC aquarium a year ago. It is an amazing place. The best part I found was at the end where you enter the giant glass “tube” where you are literally under water with the sharks and giant sting rays! Great article! Cheers!

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