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A Wonderful Stay at The Sunway Hotel Pyramid Tower

Sunway Hotel Pyramid Tower

If you are looking for a comfortable stay in Bandar Sunway, then you might want to consider Sunway Hotel Pyramid Tower.

Not only is the resort located within walking distance from the Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, it’s also close to the famous Sunway Lagoon Waterpark.

I decided to give it a try while I was there looking for accommodation. I had been driving around for quite some time in Bandar Sunway before I decided on staying at Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel.

Since I didn’t make any reservation in advance, I had to go to the lobby to ask about the pricing and room availability. Later on, I found that the hotel is the only four star hotel available in Bandar Sunway.

In terms of pricing, it’s a bit expensive, costing around 350 bucks Rinngit Malaysia per night for a standard suite. The price includes breakfast.

Sunway Hotels

Front view of the Sunway Hotel Pyramid Tower.

Sunway Hotels

The hotel lobby.

Sunway Hotels

Restaurants, banks and a lot of other
facilities are located within walking distance from the Sunway Hotel Pyramid

Sunway Hotel Pyramid Tower Location:

Located in Subang Jaya. If you know how to get to Sunway Pyramid, the hotel is just right besides it. The hotel is connected to the Sunway Pyramid shopping

Tourists attractions within walking distance

Sunway Lagoond and Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. For those who are into clubbing, there is a night club and disco by the hotel.

Location, Map and Driving Direction to Sunway Hotel Pyramid Tower:

My location
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