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The Authentic Fish Head Noodle In Petaling Jaya

fish head noodle

“OF ALL the Chinese noodle dishes, the yee thou mai (fish-head beehoon or noodle) is one of the most extraordinary.”

Source: The Star

It stands out because of its ingredients – salted vegetables, deep fried fish head, tomatoes and condensed milk.

The fish head noodle is located in a stall in the Wah Cheong Coffee shop in Taman OUG, Old Klang Road.

fish head noodle in KL

Wah Cheong coffee shop is a popular eating place.

There, i treated myself a bowl of noodles at a corner coffeeshop and I was told that this was the best yee thau mai around the neighbourhood.

That was of course nearly two years ago.

Today, the fish head beehoon is a thriving food business. I was told of some outlets specializing in the dish in Jalan Kuchai Lama.

I have yet to verify his findings and recently, a colleague of mine tipped me off about a stall serving this particular dish in Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

“Have you tried this place? I had a bowl of fish head noodles there and the portions are generous. You should check it out,” said my colleague.

fish head noodle in KL

Generous portion: Wah Cheong coffee shop’s yee thau mai.

So, on one Sunday afternoon, I went to the place in question and ordered a bowl of noodles. It’s not hard to find it because the stall is located at a corner coffee shop called Wah Cheong.

Now, what I saw at the entrance of this place was a bit of a concern to me. Foreign workers hired by the stall owners were seen washing eating utensils, bowls and plates on top of a drain cover.

This is course, is the biggest letdown. Reservations aside, I proceeded with the order and waited patiently for my fish head noodle to be served.

While there, I could see a steady stream of people savoring their food during the lunch break. The variety of food worth mentioning here are the yuk yeen fun (meatball noodles), chicken rice, and hakka noodles.

Some fellow food critic also mentioned about the yong tau foo, which is priced at 90sen a piece.

This might be the cheapest stall around Petaling Jaya. Okay, back to the fish head noodle, I ordered a small bowl of noodles and delivery was prompt. In about 10 minutes, I was served with a piping hot bowl of noodles.

Now, in order not to attract too much attention, I took out my phone and started snapping some close-up shots with its built-in camera.

Now, on a scale from 1 -10, I would rate Wah Cheong’s yee thou mai a 8.

I found the fare to be pretty decent. Compared with the same dishes I had in Old Klang Road and Subang Jaya, this fish head noodle lacked a few things: coriander, spring onion leaves and soft tofu.

But then, there are different styles in serving the fish-head beehoon.

And at RM5 a treat, I’d say that the portion was generous.

Most fish head noodle stalls use freshwater fish like the Chinese carp and Giant snakehead as its main ingredients.

If you hate the “earthy” taste of freshwater fish, then this may be an acquired taste. All you need to do, is to dab it with some fiery chili and soya sauce.

After leaving Wah Cheong’s coffeeshop, I bumped into a friend, who is an old friend and was an intrepid traveller in his younger days.

The friend of mine, was having lunch in a coffeeshop opposite Wah Cheong, actually saw me taking photos with my cellphone’s camera.

I told him my purpose and his reaction was: “Haiyaaa! If you love fish head noodles, I take you to Taman Desa! The quality is second to none and nobody has disputed it.”

So, I took note of that because my next food trail would be on the hunt for the best fish head noodle in the Klang Valley.

Now, to get to Wah Cheong coffeeshop, the best way is to car pool because parking is scarce. To locate this coffeeshop, head to Jalan 17/29. Lat, Long coordinates for this eating place are: 3°7’44″N 101°38’3″E.

So, have a great time finding this place and happy eating!

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  • malchung August 19, 2011, 3:31 pm

    fyi, the yee thau mai (fish-head beehoon) at Wah Cheong (Section 17) is no longer there. Do you know where it has moved?

    I agreed with you the yee thau mai is really good for that price. I really want to know where they have moved. Please it me know if you know where they have moved. Thank you.

  • malchung August 19, 2011, 3:35 pm

    The yee thau mai at Wah Cheong has already moved. Do you know where they have moved? Please let me know. Thank you.

  • kenny August 19, 2011, 7:53 pm

    Really? Moved already? I am also not sure. Maybe someone who knows can let us know.

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