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Discover The Beauty of Rainforest at Gunung Lambak

gunung lambak recreational forest

What tourists said about Gunung Lambak

“Precious greenery”

I love this place! Provides a good hike and on weekend mornings, you can find a lovely group of folks who serve olive tea in a tea shack midway. View of Kluang on top through the clouds. It’s very steep at some parts but should be ok for any reasonably healthy person.

“Pretty OK if you need a workout in Kluang”

Was there since it is the only interesting place around. The base of the hill has children’s water park that’s frequented by locals. Many fruit stalls selling fruits and fruit juice. Should be clean (I didn’t have any stomach ache after having local dragon fruit).

The hiking trail is dotted by mini fountains or creeks, also frequented by local children who would play and squeal. It is kindda refreshing to watch local children play.

At the last 200m up, the trails get a little challenging as the trail turns from paved and steps into rocks and slopes. And yet I noticed old people hiking up and down like it is a regular trail. Wow!

Visited June 2014

gunung lambak forest

From the town of Kluang in Johor, the contours of Gunung Lambak are easily visible. Actually Lambak (which means Flea Mountain) has twin peaks, the higher of which reaches 510m (1673ft) and has a TV broadcasting mast on the summit.

“Its OK to bring kids.”

We went for family activity during school holiday. My husband n i with 3 kids (6, 9 & 13) . Although the whole journey took about 4 hours, but we still enjoyed. Guide is not necessary. Just to have comfortable shoes n go early. its fun.

Visited June 2014

“A must go if you visit Kluang”

To get to Gunang Lambak, don’t waste time, just get the hotel to call a cab and getting there would cost about RM20. At first we stupidly took a bus that never goes there but it’s okay, every experience is a lesson! =)

We were sooo lucky to meet a friendly local uncle that brought us up! Without him I guess we won’t even be back at the foot at sunset! The climb was tedious for the terrains were rough after the rain but nevertheless, it was conquered! The reward was the view of Kluang from the top.

The locals climb the mountain daily and they are so proud and protective of this mountain that they have.Talking to the uncle made me know the locals more. He seems to know almost everyone that climb up the mountain!

When you finish the climb, you might want to approach the Auntie who is selling drinks at the foot of the mountain. She will gladly help you to cal cab and the rate was cheaper!

All in all it was a good experience in Kluang!

gunung lambak waterfall

Among the recreational activities available at Gunung Lambak Recreational Forest includes hiking, climbing, jungle trekking and nature walks. A resort operator, Gunung Lambak Eco Resort also provides teambuilding activities such as telematch, treasure hunts and so on.

An easier hill for first time trekker!”

A place to getaway from busy city… enjoy the fresh air and experience the nature! There is a bridge to the starting point, a must to try out the very shaky bridge!

Visited July 2013

Source: Tripadvisor

About Gunung Lambak Eco Resort

The Gunung Lambak Eco Resort in Kluang , Johor is ideal for jungle trekking and those who want to be close to nature and hold their various company events.

IT’S morning. You step out of your chalet, throw your arms wide and stretch.

You drink in the fresh morning air drenched with dewdrops and enjoy a panoramic view of tropical greenery — matured rain-trees with sunbursts and prisms of light reflecting on damp fronds.

gunung lambak forest reserve

Explore the beauty of nature at Gunung Lambak.

What to see at Gunung Lambak

Suddenly, there is a movement in the branches and you blink, wondering if you actually saw it. And there it is: The wonderful sight of a rare white squirrel! Rare glimpses of white squirrels, hornbills and a host of interesting insects and plants are the treats to enjoy at the Gunung Lambak Eco Resort.

Chalets, a campsite, a terrace restaurant and a Water Park have been creatively carved into the slopes of Gunung Lambak in the Gunung Lambak Forest Reserve. The natural terrain and habitats have been carefully preserved to maintain a balance in the delicate eco system.

gunung lambak attractions

From the foothill, there are 3 different trekking paths to the middle of the hill and from there, you can choose 1 among 3 different paths to the top of the hill. The steepness and climbing difficulty varies depending on the track you choose. If you have good fitness level, in order to explore Mount Lambak to the fullest, it is recommended that the 2 uphill tracks that you pick is different from the 2 downhill one.

Things to do

Don’t be alarmed if you are awakened by the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing. These are only fitness enthusiasts who trek up the slopes at the crack of dawn for an invigorating start to their day.

Surrounded by tropical rain forests, the spacious resort car park at the foothills is perfect for morning workouts. In the early light, the car park will be dotted with rows of tai-chi exponents, seriously working out to the strains of recorded traditional music.

gunung lambak eco park

Gunung Lambak Eco Park

Attractions at Gunung Lambak Eco Resort

Locals have been enjoying healthy refreshments at Gunung Lambak for a long time, and now you can get closer to Nature, too. Families, youth and corporate groups who enjoy healthy outdoor activities often go jungle trekking in the forest reserve.

The trek up Gunung Lambak begins with a thrilling walk across a suspended bridge. While the fittest may finally reach the summit, the less adventurous can take a detour on a less challenging route.

While the cozy resort is a popular choice for events like corporate dinners, children’s parties, family days, product exhibitions and conferences, it is also fast gaining a reputation as an ideal spot for families to host circumcision celebrations!

gunung lambak eco resort

The Gunung Lambak Recreational Forest is an idyllic location for families and tourists seeking out for a jolly good spirited and healthy holiday that can bring everyone closer and leave with a happy smile on their faces. The reserve is a definite must visit for everyone, locals and tourists alike.

The resort is expanding its facilities for groups of up to 500 guests. A team-building village equipped with comprehensive facilities, including artificial rock climbing features and war game activities, will appeal to youth and corporate groups.

A Nature Study Center will also be set up to present interesting information on trees, plants, herbs, animals and insects found in this forest reserve.

Accommodation at Gunung Lambak Eco Resort

Accommodation comes in choices of Deluxe or Standard chalets, suites designed with themes and 200-bed dormitories on the hill slopes. The more adventurous can hire tents for an outdoor camping experience in the tropical rainforest.

gunung lambak chalets

The Eco Resort offers you with camping and accommodation facilities so that you can stay and enjoy the beauty of the serene, calm environment. A swimming pool and kiddies playground is also available for the guests.

Getting to Gunung Lambak

From the North-South Expressway, exit at the Air Hitam/Batu Pahat tollgates and drive towards Kluang.

The resort is only 5km from Kluang and easily accessible from Jalan Mersing, Bandar Tenggara and Jalan Batu Pahat. The main entrance through Kampung Dato’ Abdul Rahman and Taman Sri Jaya are clearly indicated. For details, call 07-776 0077, fax 07-776 0037 or email: gununglambak_ecoresort@yahoo.co.uk

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Photo credits: Shahzeb Ihsan, Ravenblack7575.

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