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An Amazing Family Getaway At Desaru Beach

pulai desaru beach resort

What tourists are saying about the Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

“Great place for family weekend getaway”

Beautiful and clean establishment. Have been here many times. There should be more of these we’ll run and well up kept hotels in malaysia.

Love the children play area and pool. Also the activities at the foyer.

Stayed July 2015, travelled with family

pulai desaru beach resort

Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

“Quick Getaway to chillax”

One of the nearest drive from Singapore to just get away and chill. Hotel room is clean and spacious. Not your hotel kind with the carpeted flooring but this one has tiled floors, bathtub and a separate shower.

Pool is inviting with the slides and beach though quiet gives some tranquility. You have to find your own activities if you want more adventure. otherwise, there is a play room for toddlers and some indoor sports activities.

Stayed June 2015, travelled with family

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“An excellent family getaway!”

We arrived the resort about 7.00pm. The reception staff was friendly and helpful.

Parking space was not a problem despite the busy school holidays period. Room was nice and big. Lighting in the room need improvement because there is no sufficient light for reading at the sofa area. There is no ceiling or wall light.

I have to do my reading at the balcony, not bad though and convenient for me to smoke as well. The sea breeze made it so wonderful and relaxing for me. BUT I hate it when the room maid did not do their job properly ! The balcony has many ( not plenty ) of birds and bats droppings. The white plastic table and chairs were not cleaned either.

Pool was beautiful and busy. Garden was nice and well trimmed. The management need to do something about the beach due to the erosion. Given time, the wave will reach the nearest block of the resort. Breakfast was not bad but can be better if they can improve on the pastry items.

Its cheap and ready made items? Selection of local dishes were good. Please check your eggs because the egg-yolk looked different!

Stayed June 2015, travelled with family

desaru beach johor

The amazingly beautiful Desaru beach.

“relaxing beachside resort with great service, best sand right on the doorstep”

This is a relaxing beachside resort with great service staff, best velvety sand right on the doorstep.

Understand some of the other reviews commented on the cleanliness — I’ve been to 5-star resorts on the hawaiian islands (see other reviews), outdoor areas in the tropics are never pristine unless massive amounts of water is wasted every day. (If you are looking for spotless cleanliness, best to avoid nature places in the tropics and stay in big cities.)

Palm Brasserie (hotel restaurant) has some very good food on their standard menu, although their seasonal special (nasi lemak) was a let-down. Live singers in the restaurant most nights. Pool was great and well-maintained.

There are two playgrounds, one indoors with air-conditioning, and one outdoors. The seaview is beautiful and the atmosphere relaxing.
Room Tip: Grandparents stayed at room 337 (partial seaview and full pool view, nearer to the lobby and restaur…

Stayed April 2015, travelled with family

pulai desaru beach resort

At one of the hotel rooms.

“cozy and breathtaking”

We stayed on this resort on 21st March for a one day trip with my 1 and a half years old daughter.

Overall was great, Hospitality was great, cozy and spacious room, well kept leisure facilities, food was ok and charged reasonably.

THE ONLY SETBACK was the rubbish scattered along the beach. I really wish that the management can do something on it.

I would recommend this place to my friends if they want a short getaway from the city life.

Stayed March 2015, travelled with family

“Decent getaway”

Good short drive from Singapore. Once passed through Johor Bahru it’s smooth sailing. Drive is an hour approximate from checkpoint.
Nice staff, decent ambience, overall an affordable getaway.

Rooms are sizeable with adequate amenities.

Restaurant food suffice. There’s a bar after the pool towards the beach that pretty much opens from lunch till late night.
Tried email booking the spa to no avail.

Good experience.

Stayed March 2015, travelled with family
Source: Tripadvisor

desaru beach johor

Enjoying the cool breeze at the seaside.

About Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, Kota Tinggi, Johor

If you think 22km of beach is fabulous, just wait till you have a taste of the watersports, kampung food, types of fruits, fireflies and crocodiles. Peggy Loh did.

“DADDY, did you bring my swimming suit?” The little girl’s petulant cry rose above the din in the busy lobby.

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Glancing in the direction of the voice, I found my view blocked by several corporate types looking smart in matching collared T-shirts, waiting together for group check-in.

A van door clicked open and I turned to see a middle-aged Japanese couple alight. After getting their bags organized, they made gracious little bows to the helpful driver and headed for the reception desk.

pulai desaru beach resort

Rooms are stunningly neat and tidy.

Reaching for my tall cool drink, I enjoyed refreshing sips of fruity goodness as I studied the new arrivals at The Pulai Desaru Beach resort.

They were so different but yet, all had one thing in common – they were here to relax and discover the many delights of Desaru!

Why stay at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

The activities desk was another busy corner in the lobby. Guests were checking out the options for activities and excursions, discussing among themselves and making bookings for golf, sea sports, bicycle rentals and even extreme adventure sports.

Unlike them, all I wanted was to laze about. Safe behind a pair of sunshades, I headed for the beach.

Armed with sunblock, a trashy novel and beach towels, a deck-chair facing the South China Sea under swaying casuarinas was the perfect place to chill out.

pulai desaru beach resort

Entertainment at the resort.

After all, The Pulai Desaru Beach is a resort with an impressive 22km stretch of beautiful sandy beach.

The rhythm of rushing waves almost lulled me to sleep but the sound of laughter drew my attention to where a group of people were having great fun on their banana boat ride.

The sea shimmered with reflected sunlight and I squinted to see kayaks and canoes with oars moving in tandem, expertly skimming the water.

I would have loved to laze around longer but a rumble from my tummy told me it was lunchtime.

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Things to do at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

Back in the lobby, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my lunch companions included the earlier mentioned Japanese couple. We boarded a resort van to get to a kampung for a taste of village life.

Our guide gave an interesting commentary as we stopped to look at oil palms and rubber trees. After a demo, we tried our hand at rubber tapping.

For lunch, we would be guests at a family house where a simple home-cooked meal awaited — chicken curry, fried fish, vegetables, spicy sambal with white rice and fruit.

pulai desaru beach resort

At the hotel lobby.

The foreign tourists bravely tried unfamiliar tastes. To top off the meal, we were led to the backyard where freshly-plucked coconuts had been cut for us to enjoy the sweet refreshing drink and the smooth, white flesh!

Sunset at Desaru beach

After lunch, I did what came naturally – take a snooze in the cool comfort of my room. My fourth floor room commanded a panoramic view of the sea and as dusk fell, it was sheer pleasure to watch the sun set with a stunning spectrum of changing colours!

Against the setting sun was the silhouette of a man wearing a toque and working at a grill near the beach. Perhaps it was my imagination but I could almost smell a delicious waft of barbecued meat carried along by the mild sea breeze.

Following my nose, I found a barbecue set up on the beach. On and around a few tables were lighted candles cleverly placed inside small paperbags to protect them from being blown out by the breeze!

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Nightlife at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

After a delectable dinner, I was off to the riverside for a much anticipated firefly experience. The bumpy ride through an oil palm plantation ended at the jetty, already packed with busloads of people.

pulai desaru beach resort

The bathroom of my bedroom.

We put on lifejackets, boarded the barge-like boat and sat on wooden benches.

The boatman-cum-guide gave a commentary on fireflies and its habitat. As the boat cruised along in the darkness, his assistant used a long pole with a dipper fastened at one end to splash water on trees at the side of the river.

Immediately, thousands of frantic fireflies appeared as clouds of moving lights and the awestruck crowd gasped!

After so much excitement, we went back to the resort to wind down with a drink at Box 29 where a soloist provided soothing “live” entertainment.

Other attractions at Desaru

The next morning I was reluctant to get out of my comfortable bed but the prospect of another exciting day persuaded me to start with a hearty buffet breakfast at Windows Café. Then it was off to the Desaru Fruit Farm, just a 10-minute drive away.

Our guide was full of information about the various seasonal and non-seasonal fruits and agricultural practices.

pulai desaru beach resort

I had enjoyed my bath very much!

From fruit to fowl and fish, the tour included a petting zoo, agriculture gallery, koi pond, honeybee apiary, herb and vegetable garden and finally, a tropical fruit treat with over 12 types of fresh fruit.

Massage and Spa at the resort

By then, I was ready to relax and indulge in a therapeutic session at the Pulai Spa. Surrounded by stimulating aromas, I surrendered myself to the therapist.

With mind and body rejuvenated, I joined a group of families with young children for a half hour’s drive to Teluk Sengat village.

We stopped at Sengat Seafood Restaurant for a sumptuous meal before going to Crocodile World, said to be the largest crocodile farm in the country.

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Crocodile farm

Though I was a little afraid, I was still keen to have a close encounter with these ancient creatures. While some of the oldest crocodiles were individually confined, others were grouped according to age and kept in concrete pens with high walls and safety railings.

The sight of their huge, open jaws and sharp teeth was enough to draw deep respect for these reptiles.

Getting to Pulai Desaru Beach Resort resort

By road, just one and a half hour’s drive from Johor Baru city or Kulai. By ferry from Singapore: Only 25 minutes between Changi Ferry Terminal and Tanjung Belungkor with another 20-minute drive to the resort, and by ferry from Tanah Merah to Sebana Cove with a 30-minute drive to the resort.

For reservations, call 07-822 2222 or fax 07-822 2223.

Email: sales@thepulai.com.my
Website: www.thepulai.com.my

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  • Riders Lodge – There’s a cosy lodge deep in a plantation where horses graze, the food is great and staffs are friendly. It also feels like Dallas here.

Photo credits: Bill Rosgen, Pete Vejanurug, Joan Campderrós-i-Canas, Steel Wool, markchan77, Greh Fox, Mohd Faris Khamidi, Pulai Desaru.

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