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Johor Tourism

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About Traveling in Johor

Johor is Peninsular Malaysia’s southernmost state and is linked to Singapore by a causeway and a bridge. The state capital Johor Bahru, is home to world-renowned golf course and shopping establishments. JB, as it is more popularly known is famous for its historical buildings and impressive architecture.

What to See in Johor

Johor’s vast landscape is characterized by plantations of pineapple, rubber, coconut and oil palm on the fringes of which nestle tranquil kampungs and quaint fishing villages. Retaining much of its natural splendors, the state has miles of golden sandy beaches and beautiful offshore islands as well as lush forests.

There is accommodation here to suit all budgets. For a different experience join a home-stay program and live in a traditional village. There are many street stalls, food courts, fast food outlets and fine dining restaurants to choose from in Johor offering both local and international style cuisine.

Getting To Johor

Via the North-South Expressway, Johor Bahru is 220km or a 4-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is also accessible from Kuala Lumpur and several other states such as Sabah and Sarawak by air.

Bus services from major cities and towns in the peninsular run several times a day to Johor Bahru. The 1,038m Singapore-Johor Causeway, is the most frequently-used mode for commuting between the two cities besides ferry, rail and an alternative bridge.

Places of Interest in Johor

Islands off Mersing

The state’s beautiful offshore islands, Sibu Besar, Sibu Hujung, Sibu Tengah, Sibu Kukus, Rawa, Aur, Pemanggil and Tinggi are accessible from both the Mersing and Tanjung Leman jetties. Aur Island, along with Dayang Island, Lang Island and Pinang Island, are rated among the best diving destination within the Johor Marine Park Area. The deeper waters around the area ensure good visibility and variety of marine life. Dive trips can be booked at most dive shops on any of the islands. Simple resorts are the order of the day on these idyllic secluded getaways, all boasting beautiful beaches with shady cool trees and clear waters.


Near the peninsula’s southeastern tip is a 25km beach resort for Johor folk and neighboring Singapore. The waters here are often conducive for swimming, waterskiing, canoeing and catamaran sailing. Enjoy recreational activities such as go-karting, golfing and ultra-light aircraft flying. The Desaru Fruit Farm is also located here and offers interesting agro-tours. Nearby is Lebam River where visitors have the opportunity to see fireflies at night. About 8km north of Desaru is the Fishermen’s Museum at Tanjung Balau which displays fish traps and equipment used by local fishermen and various artifacts of the trade.

Discover the beauty of forest at Gunung Lambak

The Gunung Lambak Eco Resort in Kluang , Johor is ideal for jungle trekking and those who want to be close to nature and hold their various company events.

Riders Lodge

There’s a cosy lodge deep in a plantation where horses graze, the food is great and staffs are friendly. It also feels like Dallas here.

Pulai Desaru Beach Resort

If you think 22km of beach is fabulous, just wait till you have a taste of the watersports, kampung food, types of fruits, fireflies and crocodiles at the Pulai Desaru Beach Resort.

The Grand Palace and Royal Sultan Abu Bakar Museum

In 1866, Sultan Abu Bakar the father of modern Johor built the magnificent Istana Besar (Grand Palace) as his official residence. The North Wing today houses the Royal Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, showcasing rare and beautiful treasures from all over the world.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

On top of the hill overlooking the Straits of Johor not far from the Istana Besar, stands the magnificent Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque, one of the most beautiful old mosque in Malaysia.

Sultan Ibrahim Building

Dominating the Johor Bahru skyline, the building houses the state secretariat and the offices of the state government. The building reflects both local and colonial architecture.

Gunung Ledang

In the north, Gunung Ledang or Mount Ophir at 1,276m provides a challenging two-day return trek passing through waterfalls and forests. At the relatively flat summit, a panoramic view of the Straits of Malacca and Sumatra coastline can be seen on a clear day. Also, a popular picnic spot is the Gunung Ledang Waterfall, at the base of the mountain.

Endau-Rompin National Park

Explore the vast wilderness rainforest in this park, one of the peninsula’s largest virgin lowland forests. It is a major conservation area to the diversity of flora and fauna found within. There are some 26km of jungle trails within the park, the most well-trodden path being the grueling 16km trail from Kuala Jasin to Batu Hampar and Buaya Sangkut, with numerous rapids crossings. At Buaya Sangkut, be enchanted by the beautiful sight of a waterfall.

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls

The water cascades from a height of 36m down a steep precipice into a pool deep enough for swimming. At the base of the fall, there are changing rooms, camping grounds and restaurants.

Danga Bay

Situated along the popular Lido Beach, Danga Bay is great place to unwind, relax and just watch the city go by. Sample the delicious fare available from the number of restaurants serving both local and international cuisine.

Johor Area Rehabilitation Organization (JARO)

The JARO is located along Jalan Sungai Chat where visitors can purchase baskets, bedspreads, furniture, soft toys and various other products made by disabled community.

Tanjung Piai

This environmental sanctuary is also the southernmost tip of mainland Asia. It is made up of coastal mangroves and is home to many species of birds. There is a park and visitors’ complex where one can learn more about this wetland.

Nasoha Spices and Herbs Paradise

A few kilometers from Pagoh town in the district of Muar, lies the Nasoha Spices and Herbs Paradise. This 1,000ha spice and herb farm is home to hundreds of medicinal plants. There is also accommodation and a restaurant at the farm.

Location, Driving Direction and Map for Getting Around Johor:

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  • Bryan Norman December 7, 2013, 11:07 pm

    The Malaysian East Coast, in particular that of Johor, is so riddled with so many breath-taking islands that there comes a point when it’s hard to distinguish between each of the idyllic island destinations in in the top dozen or so.

    In these cases, it’s best to let other criteria come into play in order to choose your destination, such as budget, accessibility, tourism factor, activities etc.

    If you’re into gorgeous beaches and tranquil peace and serenity, then Dayang is the island of choice. Yes, it’s quite remote, but that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

    That said, Dayang is not very high-end; if you prefer a little more comfort, try Aur, it’s just opposite, across the channel.

    Incidentally, don’t underestimate some of the mainland hot-spots also. Tanjung Resang and Penyabong are gorgeous in their own right and offer plenty of activities, both land and sea-based. You could stay there and do a day/night trip to several nearby islands, most of which are just a few hours away from the mainland.

    Island-hopping trips for just an afternoon are offered too, which seem to be the most bang for your buck if it’s pristine little islands you’re keen on. There’s quite a few castaway isles too off Tanjung Resang, like Seri Buat and Simbilang. What better way to experience a tropical archipelago paradise than to explore it on foot or by canoe?

    So if you’re into exploring eye-popping little islands, Johor offers plenty of choice. Best get booking 🙂

    Happy travels.

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