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Tioman Island – A Sleeping Dragon

Juara Beach

What tourists are saying about Tioman Island

“Monkey Bay – Worth the walk for the Solitude, Snorkelling and scenery”

Monkey Bay is a secluded area on the north western coast of Tioman Island. There is a nice sandy beach and about 100 metres off shore the reef kicks in with good snorkelling.

The beach can be reached by sea taxi or by a moderate trek through a couple of villages from Tekek. The track is pretty well marked for the adventurous and don’t be put off by the locals who will tell you “cannot” walk to Monkey Bay.

On the way you can get refreshments at ABC and another village. Make sure you carry some water! We ate lunch at one of the seafood restaurants on the way back.

Try to time your arrival at Monkey Bay with a fuller tide as low tide is very low and makes swimming to the reef difficult.

Visited March 2015

monkey bay tioman

Monkey Bay, Tioman Island.

“Monkey Bay – True art”

This place is, if you’re coming from Air Batang, a very long and hard journey in the jungle, which itself is extremely beautiful, but when you finally come to monkey bay, you know the hard work was worth it.

It’s truly a piece of art, painted by nature itself. It’s so idyllic and calm, just a place to breathe.

Only concern is that tourists eventually will load the road toward monkey bay, and monkey bay itself with garbage ): Hope it won’y happen ever.

Visited July 2014

padi scuba diving

Scuba Diving on Tioman Island. Getting PADI Open Water Certificate.

“Panuba Beach – Clear Soft waters”

Snorkelling is the best past time activity you will be surprised to see such beautiful marine life. The panuba Beach has a Pier so one can enjoy diving from it and swimming in the sea.

The pier has water taxis catering to guests to and fro movement

Visited October 2015

panuba beach tioman

Panuba Beach, Tioman Island.

“Panuba Beach – Quiet Paradise”

This place is very detached from entire island. It is set middle of jungles and you have to trek a bit to get to civilizations.Hands down the best snorkelling beach.

If you are looking forward to spend quiet time , look at sea, snorkel and relax. This is good. You can climb for 10 mins thru mountains and get to abc village and teke. We also did the mountain trek to juara beach.

its tiring n long, but gorgeous. It doesn have anything after sunset, so u can take a beer n relax at restaurant , enjoy sea breeze or the jetty. I had a wonderful time.

Visited September 2015

“Juara Turtle Project – Awesome turtle viewing experience!”

The turtle project is at Kampong Juara on the eastern coast of Tioman. You might need to take a 4WD ride from Tekek to reach here at approx 20MYR pp.

Do spend some time at Juara beach which is rated #21 amongst the best beaches in the world by CNN. The Juara beach resort is a nice beach front chalet property to stay at.

The restaurants along this stretch have a nice spread of local Malay as well as European cuisine.

Visited September 2015

tioman turtle project

Tioman turtle project.

“Juara Turtle Project – Fascinating, enlightening and well worth your support”

Fascinating and informative and run by a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteers this is a ‘must-visit’ – particularly if you are staying at Juara and/or have an interest in nature or wildlife.

You are guaranteed to meet a turtle – the famous Jo – but better still you will be supporting a very worthy cause. The plight of sea turtles is sad and disheartening but at least by supporting this initiative you will be helping to do something about it.

Visited August 2015
Source: Tripadvisor – Things to do in Cameron Highlands

About Tioman Island

Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, is also home to Tioman Island, an enchanting island in the South China Sea.

The state is blessed with a beautiful coastline, which offers endless tropical bliss for sun-seekers.

Tioman is the largest and most developed of the volcanic islands that form the Tioman Marine Park.

sleeping dragon tioman

Tioman island resembles a sleeping dragon.

According to legend, the island is the final resting place of a beautiful dragon princess. Till today, the island bears startling resemblance to a sleeping dragon.

A sense of peace, tranquility and simplicity embraces visitors upon arrival.

Why you must visit Tioman Island

The waters around Tioman are ideal for a host of water sports activities such as swimming, boating, kayaking or windsurfing.

Its warm waters and good visibility make it a paradise for underwater exploration. Discover astounding sights such as colorful gorgonian sea fans, stag horn corals, nudibranchs and beautifully sculptured sea sponges.

Marine life such as Napoleon fish, golden stripped trevally, bump-head parrotfish and shoals of fusiliers swim playfully in the ocean depths.


Beautiful coastline at Tioman

What to see and what to do at Tioman Island

Those without a strong affinity to water can still enjoy the magnificent underwater sights in a glass-bottomed boat.

Divers will enjoy trips to outlying islands as it provides opportunities to encounter harmless black-tip sharks, murray eels and other pelagic species.

tioman beach chair

Relaxing by the beach on Tioman Island.

For a touch of adventure, take a boat ride to Monkey Beach, or the uninhabited islands of Tulai and Renggis for a swim and a picnic.

There are several villages scattered around Tioman’s coastline, the largest one being Salang, Tekek, Genting, Paya and Juara.

Each village offers a different atmosphere and will be a unique experience to enjoy.

Tioman Dive Sites

Tioman Dive Sites

Where to go at Tioman Island


Salang, situated on the northwest of the island, enjoys immense popularity for its crystal-clear waters and colorful corals close to the shoreline.

Spend a day exploring the vibrant underwater gardens or enjoy a nap in a hammock while hearing the soothing sound of gentle waves.

A stroll by the beach in the evening will reward visitors with a spectacular view of the sun setting against the horizon.

tioman island

Tioman Dive Sites


Tekek, located midway on the island’s western coastline, has the longest stretch of beach on the island.

This village is the gateway to Tioman by air and sea. It is also the closest village to the Berjaya Tioman Beach Golf & Spa Resort, Tioman’s only five-start accommodation.

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The Genting Village, further south of Tekek, is enveloped by a serene and rustic atmosphere. The tranquil beach boasts stretches of golden sand ideal for long strolls by the shore.

tioman island

Tioman island is one of the most visited islands in Malaysia.


Juara, on the east coast of Tioman, is a secluded hideaway boasting a wide beach with fine spots for swimming, sunbathing or camping. Marvelous views of sunrise can be seen from Juara.


The island’s southernmost village, Mukut, is surrounded by nature at its purest form. Towering against its skyline are the Twin Peaks or Dragon’s Horns, an unmistakable landmark of Tioman.

Getting to Tioman

Tioman Map

Map of Tioman Dive Sites

By Road

Tanjung Gemok in Pahang and Mersing in Johor, are two take-off points to Tioman. Tanjung Gemok is a 3 and a half hour drive via the North-South Expressway.

Visitors can exit at the Senawang Interchange, and proceed to Muadzam Shah and Rompin before arriving at Tanjung Gemok.

To get to Mersing from Kuala Lumpur, exit at Kluang in Johor on the North-South Expressway.

paya beach tioman

One of the most beautiful beaches – Paya Beach

By Air

Berjaya Air operates daily direct flights to Tioman from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lumpur and Seletar Airport in Singapore.

By Sea

Tioman is accessible by boat from the jetties in Tanjung Gemok and Mersing. The ride takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on sea conditions.

Tioman is also accessible from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore. Journey time is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

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Photo credits: Jorge Cancela, Andy Oakley, Bernard Tey, Lexe-I, ben klocek, The Travel Manuel, Chang’r, Germain Wu, ben klocek.

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