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Ipoh Best Bean Sprout Chicken Rice and Noodle

Comments by tourists about the Ipoh Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken

“Excellent Bean Sprout Chicken – best in Ipoh”

This restaurant is voted the best in Ipoh, and truly lives up to its reputation!

The chicken is well-seasoned and cooked brilliantly, and the ‘hor fun’ (rice noodles) is by far the best I’ve ever tasted in Malaysia! The chicken rice was really good as well. The bean sprouts were cooked well but I’ve never been a fan of them, so not going to say more.

The restaurant is a typical Malaysian coffee-shop-type restaurant which cleaniness leaves a lot to be desired! The tables and floors were not very clean and when we asked for a cloth from the waiters, we were greeted with a very hostile response. Overall, service here is not great and again, people go for the food and not the service!

We’ll definitely visit again when we’re in Ipoh!

Visited January 2014

ipoh lou wong bean sprout chicken

The famous Ipoh Lou Wong Bean Sprout chicken.

“Smooth Chicken & Crunchy Bean Sprouts”

Liked the Chicken and the bean sprout. After many years the taste is still as good as what I could remember. The soup for the fish & pork balls was very unique too.

Visited January 2014

“Good old taste of Ipoh”

Juicy and tender chicken with (fat, juicy) bean sprout. Super fast service. Be there early to get seats and avoid lunch or dinner crowd if possible. Try also pork balls blended with cuttlefish. Good take out for on-the-go meal.

Visited December 2013

ipoh lou wong bean sprout chicken

Night view at the Ipoh Lou Wong Bean Sprout chicken.

“Main thing is good food.”

The best bean sprouts chicken I’ve ever eat. For those who are craving for clean place, high class services and good food doesn’t need to be here. We want good food and if you care about cleanliness and services please don’t be here. This place just provides good food.

“Expect long wait for food”

Boiled Chicken delicious. However the owners’ helper did not turn up for work that day, so it was a super long wait to get our order taken and food served.

They decided the quantity to serve and when we asked for extra order of drumstick, they at first said no, but it was served after we almost finished our first order. We ate it up. This is such a popular eatery, we were lucky to find parking.

Visited September 2013

Source: Tripadvisor

ipoh lou wong bean sprout chicken

The bean sprout chicken is the signature dish at the restaurant.

About the Ipoh Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken

Undoubtedly, Ipoh is well known for not only its unique cave systems but also for the variety of good food around. One of the famous cuisines that are the favorite among locals is the Lou Wong Bean-sprout Chicken Rice or Tauge Ayam Kuetiau (Chinese: 老黄芽菜鸡沙河粉).

This famous restaurant which is well known for its chicken rice has been around in Ipoh for quite some time. You have a choice of either the rice or the hor fun (noodle) at the joint. You are recommended to order the noodle to go with the chicken.

ipoh lou wong bean sprout chicken

The delicious bean sprout is another signature dish at the restaurant.

The lure of the chicken rice and noodle

People from all around the country who are visiting Ipoh will sure come to this restaurant for its chicken rice. Even celebrities from as far back as Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China will not miss out on the chicken rice and hor fun (noodle) with blanched bean sprouts when they have the chance to visit Ipoh.

The ingredients used here

The reason that Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau or Lou Wong Nga Choi Kai is so popular is because of the secret recipe used in making the chicken and the bean sprout. Moreover, one of the ingredients used in making the chicken rice is the superb Woo Soh Kai.

Woo Soh Kai is a type of free-range expensive chicken in Malaysia that is raised not in the farms but in the countryside which is far from the city.

ipoh lou wong bean sprout chicken

The bean sprout chicken is usually eaten with the rice noodle.

The specially grown bean sprout

In addition, the delicious bean sprout chicken rice is also flavored with top graded soy sauce and garlic oil. The rice tastes extremely good. It’s a little bit fluffy but not too soft. The tenderness is just right. The taugeh or bean sprouts are fat and juicy which is also one of the reasons that the stall is hugely popular all over the country.

Other imitations of this particular fat and juicy bean sprout seem not to be working or don’t seem to be the same in other stalls. It’s as if the Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice is the only place in the whole of Malaysia that is able to churn out this tasty bean sprout.

Other competitors

There are two other competitors on this street besides the Lou Wong Taugeh Ayam Kuetiau. There is no doubt these competitors are also getting a lot of the spillover business when customers cannot get a table at this hugely popular joint. Business is bustling every night, but service is fast and diners don’t linger. Other than the delicious chicken rice and taugeh, other side dishes such as fish balls and meat balls in soup are also available.

The delicious rice noodle

The slightly oily hor fun (a type of noodle) is slippery smooth, a quality much appreciated by the Cantonese diners. Overall, the food here is very tasty. The average bill for two should be about RM15. Lou Wong has recently opened an outlet in Sunway Mas, Petaling Jaya.

The Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice is located at Jalan Yau Tet Shin. The shop is opened 5pm to 2am everyday and till 3am on Saturday and public holidays.

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