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Be A Cowboy in Johor Bahru!

johor horse riding


Horse riding can be fun, for both children and adults. This is available near Johor Baru. Story and pictures by Peggy Loh and courtesy of Amigos Horse Riding.

DECKED out in a cowboy’s outfit, complete with neckerchief, leather boots and fedora, he looked as if he had walked right out from a Western movie set. He even walked with a John Wayne-like swagger and I was tempted to greet him with a hearty, “Howdy, pardner!”

horse ride in johor
Run horse ride at Amigos Horse Riding.

But he is Iranian. Growing up in a traditional village where horses were very much a part of his childhood, today Y. Mousouloo (or Mos) continues to enjoy his passion for horses.

Mos is living his dream of being a cowboy, providing professional horse-riding classes and fun rides at Amigos Horse Riding.

“Horse riding is not just a hobby but is a great form of exercise,” declared the affable Mos. Dressing up in fancy outfits is fun but Mos firmly believes that it’s vital to first acquire the riding skills.

So as long as you have the courage and determination, the sky’s the limit because enthusiastic learners at Amigos range from kids as young as five to an adventurous 75-year-old woman!


At Amigos, you enjoy riding in a blend of traditional English and cowboy styles. Whatever you choose to do, you are assured of Amigos’ personalised attention and high standard of safety measures.

Amigos Horse Riding
Run horse ride offered by Amigos Horse Riding.

For first-timers, Amigos offers Fun Riding on either horse or pony that are always accompanied by experienced handlers. These fun rides around the paddock will let you learn to get the horse to respond to your gestures and manipulation of the bridle and reins.

A Jungle Trail ride will take you through oil palm plantations and verdant forests that leads to the edge of the Johor Straits to enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and Pulau Ubin in Singapore.

If you are not ready to ride solo or simply prefer to ride a cosy “double”, Amigos offers Couple Jungle Trail rides where two riders can enjoy that romantic ride through peaceful sun-dappled plantations. The rustle of dried palm leaves, the clatter of hoofs, occasional monkeys’ chatter or a sudden snort by your horse, may be the only sounds that punctuate these relaxing rides!

Amigos Horse Riding Johor
Horse riding classes is provided by Amigos Horse Riding.

If you are serious about riding, register for an eight-lesson Professional Riding course where the focus is on honing your riding skills and learning basic horse care. As you advance with skills and confidence, you will progress from “walk” to “trot” and from “canter” to “gallop”!

For a total experience at Amigos, treat yourself to a package tailored to your requirements, with horse rides, meals and accommodation with resort facilities at the neighbouring Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort.

Whenever you need some inspiration or rejuvenation, you can be among friends at Amigos and have a terrific time with these handsome horses.

Getting There

Amigos Horse Riding is 35km from Johor Baru city, adjacent to the Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort in Pasir Gudang, Johor. For more information and to make reservations, visit their webpage: http://amigoshorse.tripod.com or email them at amigoshorse@gmail.com or call Mousouloo at 012-7966 806.

Driving Direction, Location and Map for Amigos Horse Riding near Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort in Pasir Gudang:

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  • Jason Wee January 1, 2015, 10:39 pm

    Dear Sir/Mdm

    I would like to learn horse riding.
    I am from Singapore and would like to go over to Malaysia to stay and learn how to ride a horse.

    I would like to know if you have a ranch in JB and how much would it cost to learn.

    I learned only basic in Singapore but I would like to learn trotting and above.

    Please advice lodging cost, meal cost, lesson cost and what is covered.
    Would you also advice if you would be able to recommend car services from pick up to drop off and back.

    I intend to learn end January say Wednesday to Friday

    Do advice


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