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Homestay With A Touch of History

kuala berang homestay

What tourists are saying about Kuala Berang Homestay

“A Truly Authentic Experience”

Originally we planned to stay one night, but once we were there for a few hours we changed our plans and stayed two nights!

Our guide was absolutely wonderful in every way possible. The food was fantastic and the rooms are truly beautiful.

We learned how to do some cooking, visited and talked with people in their homes, visited the neighbors, learned about harvesting rice, rode our bikes, met people at the market, got to see some local activities such as kite flying and top spinning, and other inspiring activities.

As we rode through the village on bikes we were greeted by friendly hellos and warm welcomes everywhere we went. The people in the village so appreciated our presence and business.

If you want a break from the busy cities and be treated as a guest rather than a tourist, stay at least one night.

Visited November 2015

“The best part of my trip”

This was a great experience. If you just stop over in Kuala Berang, you will miss out on something truly amazing.

I stayed here for one night, part of the east coast tour, and really enjoyed myself. Firstly this is an actual homestay (alot of places put you into a room with 10 other backpackers and you do not really meet the family).

We stayed with a lovely family whose children have moved away so they had extra rooms. Secondly you have an English speaking guide who will take you around the village, on bikes, and answer any questions you have.

kuala berang homestay

Visiting market that sells local products is part of the homestay program.

The itinerary is packed: there is the local places, market, another home visit, you fish and learn about making brooms.

There is also a lot of amazing traditional food that is cooked for you (but you can join in and try to help).

This is not a 5 star hotel however the rooms were clean and tidy. When you learn the history of the village and meet the locals you will understand how much work was put into organizing this amazing experience for the tourists.

Highly recommend it to gain a better understanding of how people actually live outside of the city!!!

Visited November 2015

“A glimpse into rural life”

We visited Kuala Berang after the Kuala Lumpur trip. The glimpse into rural life was sensitively and respectfully handled, we got to meet local farmers and talk to them about farming, religion, rice production, fishing and how fish were turned into various products.

We choose to stay in the purpose built rooms for tourists on the edge of the village rather than home stay. Our room was comfortable with all mod cons.

kuala berang homestay

The locals are friendly and you can learn so much from them about the local custom and tradition.

A local cook cooked our food using only ingredients grown or made in the village, this was the highlight for me, it was the best food of our 2 week holiday.

The village was quiet and relaxing, a welcome break from the noise and pollution of the city.

Visited November 2015

About Kuala Berang Homestay

Participants of homestay programmes in Kuala Berang can also get to learn about the region’s rich past, writes ALIAS MOHAMED.

UNLIKE most homestay programmes where participants experience the local way of life, the Kampung Buloh Homestay programme in Kuala Berang, Terengganu, offers a taste of history instead with tales of merchants from afar who came to Kuala Berang in the 13th or 14th Century.

kuala berang homestay

A traditional Malay house like this is where you will stay in Kuala Berang in the homestay program.

Attractions of Kuala Berang

With prior arrangements, guests will be able to admire artifacts such as ancient coins and crockery that can be traced to countries like West Asia and China.

Most of these items were unearthed when villagers were digging wells or working on their farms.

Hulu Terengganu MP Datuk Tengku Putera Awang, who initiated the project, pointed out that even the dialect spoken by the orang ulu (Hulu Terengganu community) is unique and it should be preserved.

kuala berang homestay

In Kuala Berang, most market sells fresh products such as vegetables and fruits which are right out of the farms on the same day.

“It’s high time for the people of Kuala Berang and those staying in Hulu Terengganu in general to feel proud of their past and their unique identity,” he said.

What to expect from the homestay program

For a start, 27 homeowners in Kampung Buloh and Kampung Batu Bersurat are taking part in the programme. Kampung Batu Bersurat is where a stone tablet with jawi inscriptions indicating the beginning of Islam in the country, was found.

Guests will be taken to various historical sites and places of interest in and around Kuala Berang. Besides learning about the past, they can also join in various activities organised by the Kampung Buloh security committee members.

kuala berang batu bersurat

The famous inscription stone in Kuala Berang which depicts the early arrival of Islam in the state of Terengganu.

These include canoeing (river safari) some 12 kms downstream along Sungai Berang, watching river turtles lay eggs and visiting a pheasant and peacock mini zoo near Pekan Ajil. There will also be traditional games such as congkak, top-spinning and more.

Other adventurous activities

If guests are lucky, they will be able to see or join the villagers to catch fish using their bare hands or see how the villagers “cure” or process tobacco leaves.

The homestay package also includes visits to interesting places in and around Kuala Berang such as Tasik Kenyir and the nearby aborigine settlement in Sungai Berua.

kuala berang tasik kenyir

The Kenyir lake is only a stone throw away from Kuala Berang. The homestay program includes a day tour of the famous lake.


Kampung Buloh is located about four kilometres from Kuala Berang town.

Guest Activities

River safari, visits to peacock and pheasant zoo, tele-matches, watching river turtles laying eggs, demonstrations of tobacco curing and catching fish using bare hands and nets.

Contact Person

Samsureja Ali, Tel: 09-681 3249, 019-936 8096.

How To Get To Kuala Berang

From Kuala Terengganu, drive or take a taxi to go to Kuala Berang which is 55kms away. If you are coming from Kuantan, drive to Dungun before turning to Kuala Berang, passing through Bukit Besi which is about 20kms from Dungun.

Other attractions in Terengganu that you might be interested to visit:

  • Dungun Night Market – Dungun is the place to go if you like to throng night market or pasar malam where the food, people and the setting are just too tempting to refuse!
  • Kenyir Lake – Surrounded by a vast tropical jungle, the lake area is a popular spot for angling, boating, canoeing, jungle-trekking, 4WD driving and golfing.
  • Perhentian – Made up of the larger Perhentian Besar and smaller Perhentian Kecil, the enchanting islands abound with exciting activities for sun-seekers.
  • Redang Islands – An enchanting holiday paradise, Redang offers breathtaking blue waters teeming with a wealth of marine life and corals.
  • Boat Building at Pulau Duyong – This island is noted for its traditional boat building activities where local craftsmen make beautifully handcrafted vessels. Amazingly, these skilled builders work from memory and without any blueprint.
  • Tanjung Mentong (Gateway to Taman Negara) – Tanjung Mentong is the state’s entry point to Taman Negara, Malaysia’s premier national park. It has one of the world’s most complex and rich eco-systems. Taman Negara straddles across Terengganu and two other neighbouring states.
  • Tenggol Island Diving Experience – Even though Pulau Tenggol is a small island with just 2km wide and 3km long, it’s still a popular diving getaway. Its size doesn’t prevent this diving paradise from being visited by thousands of diving enthusiasts yearly.

Photo credits: likeablerodent, ultimatekldevil, tian yake, Igor Mróz, Ron Knox 2001.

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