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Nobody Leaves Empty-Handed At This Fish Farm!


There’s no mystery to the popularity of Lido Village Farm as all visitors leaves smiling, their arms full of fish. PEGGY LOH joins in the fishing fun.

NEVER gone fishing before? Don’t worry. At the Lido Village Farm, nobody leaves empty-handed. Whether you are an experienced angler or an amateur, you can be assured of a reasonable catch!

The experience starts with a thrilling boat ride with a panoramic view of Lido Beach, Danga Bay, the Causeway and the Johor Baru skyline as well as an excellent view of magnificent mangrove trees that fringe the western coastline of the Johor side of the Straits.

lido village farm
Lido Village Farm

Spread across an area the size of three football fields, Lido Village Farm’s specialty is breeding ikan susu, a wheat-eating fish imported from Taiwan.

This fish has a firm texture and at least 60 tonnes of ikan susu are shipped to Kuala Lumpur each month to meet the growing demand from restaurants.

The farm also operates a mussel or kupang farm that’s the size of eight football fields. Plastic floats secure lines that are dropped into the sea to breed these succulent green-shelled mussels which mature in six months.

ikan susu
Ikan Susu At Lido Fish Farm

What To Do

Once there, you’ll be directed to floating fish tunnel nets where the fish, weighing about 500g each are ready to be harvested.

Fishing rods and bait are provided. Just attach some bread to the hook and drop your line into the pond. With thousands of hungry fish, you’ll almost certainly get a bite!

To add to the excitement, friendly fishing competitions can be organized among individuals or teams. You can take home every fish you catch at RM4 each. If your catch is too large, you may “sell” them back to the farm at RM2 a fish.

kelong lido village farm
Kelong (Fish Farm) at the Lido Village Farm

The farm is “policed” by teams of man’s best friends. Two of the guard dogs enjoy performing for visitors. Dressed in novelty costumes, Romeo and Juliet perform tricks in the water, much to the amusement of visitors.

Getting To Lido Village Farm at Danga Bay

Visitors embark on the tour from the Alam Seafood Restaurant at Sungai Danga and spend up to three hours on a package that includes boat rides, a seafood meal, a tour of the fish farm and fishing activities. For your own fish farm experience, contact Prima Sierra Holidays at 07-521 7087/8 or fax: 07-521 7089.

Source: http://travel.nst.com.my/

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