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Fishing in Malaysia

malaysia fishing

Fishing Paradise in Malaysia

Malaysia is a prime tropical paradise that presents the angler with an opportunity to discover the world’s top fishing destination. Endowed with a wide variety of marine and inland angling destinations, Malaysia hosts a plethora of fish species in both environments.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, Malaysia is a good place for you in terms of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Both the peninsular Malaysia as well as the Borneo is popular for fishing as there are plenty of mangrove areas, rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Fishes are not only the marine creatures you can catch, there are also crabs, prawns, lobsters, etc in which you can get your hands on.

East and West Coast Fishing

The west coast of Peninsular Malaysia bordering the Andaman Sea and Straits of Malacca, with waters rarely exceeding 100m deep, produces fishes such as groupers, snappers and threadfins, which are ideal to anglers.

Moreover, the east coast of the peninsular is home to many big fishes. One of them is the Black Marlin being the most famous. Other renowned fishes are the Giant Trevally, Sailfish, Dolphin fish, Cobia, Barracuda and Narrow-barred Mackerel.

Riverside Fishing in Malaysia

Freshwater fishing by the river is a common sighting in Malaysia.

In fact, Malaysia offers good fishing but the sport is not regulated and organized. Sometimes you might have to rent a boat in order to fish. Most of the times you can just stay at the river bank or sea shores to fish. If you would like to rent a boat, you can go for a boat which can range from bare basics to converted trawlers.

Where to get Fishing Equipment

Unless you go with a tour, you have to bring your own equipment. You can get fishing equipment at shops but it is recommended not to rent as they come cheap. You might as well buy the equipment as Malaysia is a manufacturer of rods and reels. In fact, Malaysia is a cheap place to buy fishing equipment. Fishing tackle shops are plentiful in all major towns.

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  • Bryan Norman December 7, 2013, 10:25 pm

    Wow, is that a Red Snapper? It’s massive! Well done. We used to catch them that size off New Zealand and Australia.

    I haven’t really fished off Malaysia yet, but would love to. I used to live in Western Australia, the north of which is Sailfish territory, as is Rompin I’ve been told.

    I caught tons and tons of Spanish Mackerel in W.A., along with countless Queenies, numerous Barracuda and umpteen Trevally.

    My favorite place in Aussie: The Dampier Archipelago. Try it out some time, it’s angling heaven, both for the sheer quantity as well as the awesome quality of the fish.

    That said, I may come up to Rompin one day and have a go at the fishing there. Aching to catch me a Sailie 🙂

    Tight lines bro.

  • Jeneva December 7, 2013, 10:27 pm

    Great post with lots of imrpontat stuff.

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