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A Highland Township That Is Only 45 Minutes Drive From KL

Fraser's Hil

What tourists said about Fraser’s Hill

“Pine Tree Trail – For the fit and the experienced”

The trail is 5.5km and it took us about 3.5 hours to reach the top after a challenging rock climb before reaching the top. The trail is long and you will encounter fallen trees along the way. Hikers should be better equipped for this hike; good hiking shoes, a walking stick and bring along some food and enough water.

During the rainy season, bring along a rain coat. The trail starts near the TM Resort. You can park your vehicle near the Rest House. The only surprising thing when you reach the top is your encounter with a recently planted pine tree, so much for the name “Pine Tree Hill”. Our journey back was about 4 hours due to the heavy downpour.

Visited May 2014

“Hemmant Trail – Good Morning Walk”

Parked by the mosque, just next to the Cottage. When me & my best friend arrived, I thought it was going to be a very challenging walk because its rather jungle-y at the entrance but it was actually a more chilled out walk than we expected.

Situated on the hillsides overlooking the golf course (you can actually see the course), Its also half nature park, as you can actually appreciate the natural flora/plants along the trail. It took us approximately 20 minutes to get through. Minimal steep/climbing action, and the trail is very clear. Nice to dig in to some nature feel without straining.

Visited February 2014

fraser hill

A magnificent view overlooking the rainforest at Fraser’s Hill.

“Jeriau Waterfall – Lovely and refreshing but needs refreshment of its own”

This is a very nice park that is popular with visitors to Frasers Hill. When you enter, you see many people picnicking and enjoying the stream which is upstream from the waterfall itself. The waterfall is some walk down and as you progress, the park gets more run down (strange since you would think the waterfall is the highlight).

The plunge pool is large and shallow (formed by a small dam) so it is easy to walk out under the waterfall. You can tell that there was once some sort of development here which is abandoned so it is kind of sad looking (the access point to the pool is all concrete).

The area is a little isolated from the rest of the park so, while I think the whole area is quite safe, I would not go alone (my female friend who is very adventurous, was a little uncomfortable for the first time during our trip to Malaysia). Anyway, it was very refreshing after a day of hiking.

Visited March 2014

“Jeriau Waterfall – Soothing Sound of the Cascading Waterfall”

Going up fraser’s hill for a breather is a good experience years ago. There is a one way up & one way down road compared to atlernate timing ways called the Gap years ago. Walking to the waterfall cools down your system. You can rent some bungalows here but have to be booked months ahead.

Visited June 2013

jeriau waterfall

The Jeriau waterfall is one of the attractions at Fraser’s Hill.

“Bishop Trail – Trails and bird watching sites around Bukit Fraser, excellent.”

Since we came to Bukit Fraser specifically to see the birds of the highlands of central Malaysia, we were not disappointed. The established safe trails, roadsides, and open areas were lovely, fairly cool, had easy access and parking, and great birds, many new ones for us.

The local guide, Mr. Durai, was wonderful and funny.

We even very luckily saw a family of gibbons in the open, playing, calling and jumping/showing off in the trees, as well as other local mammals
Plan on at least 2-3 days.

Worth the long drive for sure. Local accommodations and food are limited but satisfactory. No problem. (hint: try the food court a little out of town. Yum yum.)
See my prior review of the hotel there.

Visited March 2014
Source: Tripadvisor

fraser hill

A misty romantic night at Fraser’s Hill.

About Fraser’s Hill

Sitting pretty midst the Pahang rainforest is the little hamlet of Fraser’s Hill.

At 1524 meters above sea level, this highland resort is a naturalists’ paradise boasting innumerable plant, bird and animal species.

This resort is popular with those who are interested in gentle nature-based pursuits such as trekking, bird watching, horse riding, fishing and camping.

Fraser’s Hill Origins

Fraser’s Hill owes its name to a Scottish trader, Louis James Fraser, who established a tin ore trading station in the forested mountains between the Selangor-Pahang borders at the end of the 19th century. Fraser was known to have used a mule train to ascend the hill and trade in tin ore until the fateful day that he mysteriously disappeared in the dense forested hills.

A search was mounted for Fraser but he was never found. However, the potential of the hills as a cool getaway was uncovered. The hills were surveyed and eventually developed into a hill retreat named after the missing Scotsman in 1919.

Attractions of Fraser’s Hill

Access to Fraser’s Hill is only possible by road via the ‘Gap’ at the base of the resort. Once you get through the Gap and into Fraser’s Hill proper, you will feel as through you have gone back in time to a bygone era. Fraser’s Hill is akin to a little Scottish village with granite-colored mock-Tudor buildings dotting the landscape.

The town proper is relatively small, with much of the activity centered on a market square dominated by a little clock tower. Most of the town’s amenities are housed in colonial styled buildings.

The Scottish charm has been carefully replicated elsewhere throughout the resort so as to harmonize with the environment. From Ye Olde Smokehouse’s country home ambience to the many Tudor styled public rest houses and privately owned bungalows, right up to the Paddock housing the resort’s horses and the myriad flower gardens, the colonial influence is evident everywhere.

fraser hill

The Smokehouse is one of the fairly well known restaurants.

To support the many conservation efforts being carried out in this naturalists’ paradise, the Fraser’s Hill Nature Education Center (FHNEC) was set up in 1997. Sitting smack in the center of town, it should be the first stop for those looking to learn more about the resort and its abundant flora and fauna.

To maintain the relatively unspoiled beauty, FHNEC and various other parties are undertaking conservation efforts to preserve the eight scenic nature trails in the vicinity.

What to do at Fraser’s Hill

Fraser’s Hill is also one of Malaysia’s premier locations for bird-watching. This hill resort hosts the annual Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race. This bird watching competition requires bird watchers to race against time to spot as many bird species as possible within the resort’s routes.

Visitors to Fraser’s Hill have abundance of relaxing activities to indulge in. From a game of golf at the 9-hole Royal Fraser’s Hill Golf Club or the 18-hole Fraser’s Hill Golf & Country Club to fishing and boating at Allan’s Water, from strolls among the many beautiful flower gardens and parks to splashing about in the icy cold Jeriau Waterfall, there are enough leisurely pursuits to keep you busy. Accommodation at Fraser’s Hill includes serviced apartments, medium to large bungalows and hotels.

Getting to Fraser’s Hill

Fraser’s Hill is an hour and a half away from Kuala Lumpur by car. En route, you will pass the town of Kuala Kubu Bharu and the journey thereafter will take approximately 45 minutes along a winding stretch of road.

fraser hill

Enjoying a cuppa at the Smoke House.

When you arrive at the foot of Fraser’s Hill, you will need to stop at the ‘Gap’, a stretch that utilizes a gate control system to regulate the flow of ascending and descending traffic according to a fixed schedule.

Because the road is very narrow, uphill traffic is only allowed at odd hours from 7.00am to 7.00pm while downhill traffic is allowed at even hours from 8.00am to 6.00pm. During these times, traffic is only allowed through for the first 40 minutes of ach hour (no traffic is allowed through in the last 20 minutes).

These 20-minutes buffer acts as a safety measure to ensure all vehicles have adequate time to get to their destinations. Traffic between 8.00pm and 6:40am is not controlled and the gate remains open on both lanes of the ‘Gap’.

Bus and Taxi Services to Fraser’s Hill

There are regular bus services (Bus No. 66) between the Pudu Raya Bus Terminal and Kuala Kubu Bharu every half hour. From Kuala Kubu Bharu, take the 10.00am bus up to Fraser’s Hill. Taxis are also available at the Pudu Raya Bus Terminal and will cost between RM120 to RM150 per taxi.

Tips for Driving to Fraser’s Hill

While the drive up the hill is a pleasant one, the winding roads can give passengers motion sickness. You may want to roll down the windows for some fresh air and drive a bit slower. If you are descending the hill in the evening, do stop to have a glimpse of the spectacular sunset amidst the nearby Kuala Selangor Dam.

Aim to drive up the hill in the day-time, as the winding roads can be quite precarious.

Please visit the following flick photostream for more pictures of Fraser’s Hill.


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Photo credits: Melosh, ApanY2K, erwinkarim.

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