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What to see, where to go and what to do in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

What tourists are saying about Cameron Highlands

“Flower haven – Rose Valley”

Located just alongside the main road leading to Tringkap town, Rose Valley is a farm boasting more than 400 different species of plants and flowers.

For a fee of RM5 per adult, you can spend easily more than an hour just appreciating each of the different variety of roses and other flowers like the gipsy flower, camellia & lady shoe.

They also showcase a giant flower pot, more than double a person’s height. There is also a souvenir shop selling locally sourced products or novelty items.

Would be good to note that Rose Valley is built on several levels and requires quite a steep climb from one level to another. So it might not be very suitable for family travelling with elderly folks.

Visited August 2014

rose valley cameron highlands

At the Rose Valley, you can appreciate not only roses but also other flowers.

“Surprising good. Kids loved it! – Butterfly Garden”

Don’t let the exterior put you off – the place is really good. Clean, tidy, well laid out with lots of butterflies, a variety of reptiles and amphibians and flowers at the bottom.

Great for young kids, possibly not so good for those who find it hard to get around (lots of steps). Definitely worth a visit. Cafe not open when we were here. Recommend you come on a weekday.

The weekends are crazy busy up here. We were here on a Monday and almost had it to ourselves.

Visited Jan 2015

“A restaurant with awesome view! – Water Crest Valley”

The “Water Crest Valley” farm which has its own restaurant “Chiew Garden Café”, is located on the slope of a hill in Tringkap. The restaurant is perched on the top of the hill and overlooks the watercress farm down in the valley. It has become a family tradition to visit this picturesque farm whenever we are in Cameron Highlands. This is how we typically enjoy our time there:

1. Before our meal, we head down the hill to explore the watercress farm (there is no entrance fee if you’re dining in the restaurant). The semi-aquatic watercress (Sai Yeung Choi / Selada Air) is planted in flooded squares/sections. My young daughters have fun walking really fast (because Mummy says don’t run) along the low walls that partition the squares.

2. Once we’ve worked up an appetite, we head back up & pick our favourite table at the far corner of the restaurant, where we get a lovely view of the watercress farm. There are no windows or walls to obstruct your view or to stop the very cold crisp air from naturally ventilating the restaurant. Yes, it can be refreshingly cold!

3. Then it’s all things watercress for us. We savour our meal of watercress soup, fried watercress with garlic, watercress omelette and down it with their watercress drink concoctions which are unusual and pleasantly interesting. It can’t possibly get any fresher than this!

Another reason why we love this place, is that if you’re staying in Kea Farm and heading UP to Tringkap for dinner, then you’ll be going in the opposite direction from most other visitors who will be heading DOWN to Brinchang where there are more eateries and the Night Market. The traffic snaking down to Brinchang can be horrendous during the school holidays. In contrast, it’s a breeze driving to the “Water Crest Valley” farm at Tringkap. So do pay them a visit and reap the many health benefits of the watercress!
Visited June 2015

hillview inn cameron highlands

The Hillview Inn has the best view of the nature in Tanah Rata.

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“Walk through the nature and chill air if you are a nature lover – Mossy Forest”

The best forest i have ever seen in my lifetime. Located about 1000m above sea level, it offers the best view for a nature love.

You will surely love to walk in the trail even though you get dirty because of the rain and soil.

You can smell the algae growth in the air. couples should try to walk through the forest for your most romantic walks.

Visited May 2015

“Must visit if you ever step foot on Cameron Highlands! – Mossy Forest”

The mossy forest is an evergreen forest situated in the high elevations of the area close to Gunung Brinchang. It boasts an amazing variety of plant, animal and insect life.

We are accompanied by our guide Mani who explained the names and properties of different plants most of which were medicinal. Trekking in these cool and silent environs was extremely invigorating.

However travellers should take note that there is a lot of climbing , clambering over tree roots etc. involved so a reasonable degree of fitness is essential. Not ideal for elderly people.

Also, we visited in June when it wasn’t rainy but i was told that the paths get very muddy during the rains so proper footwear is a must. I would highly recommend a visit here though just to see the sheer variety of ferns, orchids,pitcher plants etc.

A reminder of how our planet must have been before civilization.

Visited June 2015

mossy forest cameron highlands

The mossy forest is one of the must-visit places in Cameron Highlands.

“A must see in Cameron Highlands, escape to Paradise on Earth – Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation”

The tidy green landscape makes a masterpiece of natural art. Freshness of tea trees aroma and oxygen, both will refill your exhausted lungs. Must drink tea in the Cameron Tea Valley Cafe.

“Perhaps the best view of all the plantations! – Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation”

I think we have now visited all of the plantations in the highlands and this was our favorite. Beautiful views and great hike down to the small waterfall. Just very picturesque no matter which direction you turn.

So nice to sip a tea and look out on all that green down below.

And best of all, this is the easiest plantation to reach. If you don’t have your own transport, you can hop on the local bus in Tanah Rata. It’s only a 2 ringit ride down the hill.

You can try to time things right and catch the local bus back on its return trip from Tapah or ask the service staff to call you a taxi. We paid 15 ringit to return to Tanah Rata. Well worth it!

Visited July 2015

tea plantation cameron highlands

A magnificent view of a tea plantation.

“Biggest strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands! – Big Red Strawberry Farm”

Lots of beautiful strawberry, vegetables, cactus and flowers. The food here are all based on strawberry . And it taste good. Recommended if you are looking for visiting strawberry farm.

“Strawberries & Hydroponics – Big Red Strawberry Farm”

I visited this strawberry farm and found it to be the most organised farm compared to the other farms around tanah rata/brinchang.
The view from this farm was breathtaking with ample car park.

The cafeteria served an array of strawberry snacks and it was clean and well organised. The other highlights included the hydroponic vegetables and flowers.

A word of caution, strawberry picking is seasonal and not available all the time.

strawberry farm cameron highlands

At the Big Red Strawberry Farm where you can pluck strawberries on your own.

“Feeling at the Top of Peninsula Malaysia! – Gunung Brinchang”

The drive to Mount Brinchang is rather fast but up on the narrow by jeep is rather daunting and scary for the faint hearted. As for me, i never felt scared and enjoy every twists and turns on the way up.

Once up, i immediately climb up the rusty tower to admire the view of the Cameron Highlands. I’m literally right at the top of the Peninsula Malaysia.

The view is awesome and breathtaking! I hope to see clouds lingering on the cheeks of the mountains but to no avail. I saw a clear view of the surrounding regions. Near Mount Brinchang is the Mossy Forest and i also visited.

Visited May 2015

mossy forest cameron highlands

You can either drive up to the mossy forest or hike up there at Gunung Brinchang.

Beautiful view from the watch tower – Gunung Brinchang”

The road leading to Gunung Brinchang can be rather daunting and sometimes treacherous at times. Located at the second highest peak in Cameron Highlands, it offers a spectacular panaromic view if you are lucky.

Otherwise, it is usually completely engulfed in mist accompanied by chilling wind. Definitely worth a visit if you have not been there before.

Visited August 2015
Source: Tripadvisor – Things to do in Cameron Highlands

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About Cameron Highlands

There is so much to see and do in Cameron Highlands, the largest of Malaysia’s highland resorts.

Be it walking through lovely little villages and charming butterfly, strawberry and honey bee farms, or visiting the delightful Tudor styled country inns and sprawling tea plantations, Cameron Highlands will captivate you with its rustic charm.

Situated 1,500 meters above sea level, about two hours away from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands comprises a series of little townships that include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja.

The Adventure Begins

The journey from the foot of the hill to the summit is an adventure itself. You can get there via the town of Tapah or through the new highway at Simpang Pulai.

The route via Tapah takes you past natural waterfalls, hot springs, Orang Asli (indigenous people) villages, religious shrines, souvenir shops, roadside markets and much more.

A quick stop at Kuala Woh, unveils a recreational park with natural hot springs, while further on at Chenderiang, and Lata Iskandar, beautiful cascading waterfalls beckon.

lata iskandar waterfall

The Lata Iskandar waterfall is one of the rare waterfalls in Malaysia where you get to swim up-close.


Ringlet, the first of Cameron Highlands township lies 1,135 meters above sea level. When you are driving, you will probably stop here for petrol and to take in the surrounding attractions that include a market, a temple, a magnificent Tudor styled hotel called The Lakehouse, and several delightful flower nurseries.

the lakehouse cameron highlands

The Lakehouse offers a unique country-style living experience.

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A right turn just after Habu will lead you past a multitude of vegetable farms and straight to the sprawling Boh Tea Estate where you can tour the Boh factory and indulge in a cup of hot tea.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, you may want to get off the beaten track and try the Dayang Endah trail that will lead you to the Robinson Waterfall.

These hills also offer a host of other trails that involve either a gentle stroll or a half-day trek for the very fit.

Back on the main road to Tanah Rata, you will come across the Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation and the Tea Shop with its unique souvenirs, scrumptious scones and more tea.

tea cameron highlands

At the Boh Tea tea house where you can have an amazing view of the tea plantation.

In the valley below, the enchanting dark green terraces of the tea plantation are the perfect backdrop for a photo.

Tanah Rata

At 1,300 meters above sea level, the main township of Tanah Rata offers attractions like the Nine Emperor God Temple, the Parit Waterfall, a Hindu temple and the Rainbow Garden.

There is no lack of accommodation here as you can choose from a range of first class hotels, motels and apartments. If you want to experience a bit of nostalgia, drop by Bala’s Holiday Chalet & Restaurant or the Smokehouse Hotel, both reminiscent of country inns.

Tanah Rata Travel Map

Tanah Rata Travel Map.

The Smokehouse Hotel has managed to retain much of its country house charm complete with latticed windows, wooden beams and rose garden with white iron-wrought garden furniture.

Its interiors, filled with antiques from a bygone era, portraits of the British Royal family, rich dark carpets, heavy sofas and four poster beds, complete the pretty pictures.

smokehouse cameron highlands

It may look like a cottage in the English countryside but actually this hotel/restaurant is in the Cameron Highlands, a retreat for people to escape the heat and humidity down in the valley.

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Brinchang Becksons

Five kilometers up the road is Brinchang, the highest-lying township in Cameron Highlands. Its attractions include a Sikh temple, the ornate Sam Poh Temple, numerous amenities and a handicraft center.

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy teeing off at the 18-hole Cameron Highlands Golf Club, the only golf course on the hill.

Brinchang Map

Brinchang Travel Map.

The nearby Cactus Valley which features thousands of cacti on display, also boasts a comprehensive variety of plants and foliage as well as apple trees, passion fruit and other temperate climate fruits.

Several strawberry farms dot the area. Some grow strawberries organically in coconut husks placed on stilt-like platforms off the ground. Here you can pay a small fee to pick fresh succulent strawberries or simple purchase the assortment of homemade jam or dried strawberries.

cactus valley cameron highlands

As the name suggests, there are loads of cactus here. But there are other things to see such as flowers and plants.

A short distance away, the Multicrops Central Market and Kea Farm offer you fresh highland produce at a fraction of city prices.

From big ripe brinjals and juicy avocados, to multi-colored dried flowers and dainty little souvenirs, you will want to spend some time here exploring the many delightful finds.

KEA Farm Travel Map

KEA Farm Travel Map.

On you descent, stop by the Butterfly Farm and Butterfly Garden to view the many beautiful species, including the renowned Raja Brooke.

Nearby, strategically placed giant comic replicas of honey bees will lead you to the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm. Here you can view bees gathering pollen amidst the plush sweet scented gardens and orchards, as well as savor and purchase bottles of pure honey.

Do also drop by the adjacent Rose Valley where about 450 varieties of roses flourish.

stag beetle butterfly garde

A giant stag beetle at the Butterfly Garden.

On the left of the Butterfly Farm is the charming Sungai Palas Boh Tea Estate. Stop by at the factory to learn about tea processing or watch an audio visual presentation and sample some Cameron Tea.

The same road leads you to Gunung Brinchang, reputedly the highest road in Peninsular Malaysia at 2,000 meters above sea level. Enjoy the panoramic views from the mountain top.

Panoramic View of Cameron Highlands

Looking down from Rose Valley.

The Descent

If you came up the hill via Tapah, you may want tot try the newer Simpang Pulai route on your descent to Highway Exit 137 leading to the North South Expressway. This new 59-kilometer road is a pleasant scenic drive as the turns are not so tight.

On the way down, you will pass the Blue Valley Tea Estate and the townships of Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja, as well as farming communities living on the hillside.

kea farm cameron highlands

The KEA farm is one of the few popular places to buy fresh produce.

Getting to Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is accessible either via Tapah or the new highway at Simpang Pulai.

If you are driving up from Kuala Lumpur, the Simpang Pulai exit is another 45 minutes north of Tapah along the North South Expressway. The ascent along this route is much smoother and less precarious than the route from Tapah.

Bus and taxi services are available from the Pudu Raya Terminal in Kuala Lumpur and take you all the way up to Tanah Rata. Alternatively, take a train to Tapah and then continue your journey via taxi or bus up to Tanah Rata.

the lakehouse cameron highlands

At the Lake House hotel, you can feel the serenity and calmness of the surroundings.

Practical Tips

Cameron Highlands offers many delightful jungle trails for nature lovers. However, during poor weather conditions, please consult your hotel or guesthouse on the suitability of the trails before embarking on your trek.

It is advisable that you begin earlier in the day and not late in the afternoon, as some of these walks may take up to a few hours, and you may not finish before nightfall. Do inform your hosts or local authorities of the route you are taking, and when you plan to get back.

bala holiday chalet tanah rata

The Bala’s Holiday Chalet & Restaurant is another Tudor-style hotel cum restaurant where you can experience country-type stay.

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