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A Forgotten Hill Resort That Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Bukit Larut

About Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill), Taiping, Perak

Bukit Larut, the smallest hill resort in Malaysia, towers over Taiping, famous for its lake gardens. The unique thing about this hillside resort is that nature has been left alone to flourish so bountifully.

Gazette as a permanent forest reserve in 1910, Bukit Larut’s untouched forests are filled with wildlife such as birds, squirrels and gibbons which roam freely around. This resort is especially popular with nature lovers, bird-watchers, day trippers and others looking for a tranquil getaway.

Not as developed as other hill resorts such as the Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands, Bukit Larut retains a colonial atmosphere with its quaint bungalows and English gardens.
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Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

Elevation of 1036 metres at the Land Rover station

Origin of Bukit Larut

Bukit Larut, perched 1,250 meters above sea level, was formerly called Maxwell Hill. It derived its name from George Maxwell, a British resident of Perak who set up the hill station about a hundred years ago to serve as a cool retreat for colonial officials from the humidity of the lowlands.

With Taiping’s lush greenery, giant trees and placid lakes, it is easy to see why Maxwell chose this hill. Before you ascend the Bukit Larut, it is worthwhile to visit Taiping’s many attractions such as Taiping Zoo and Night Safari, the war cemetery, museum and its beautiful lake gardens.

Unlike more developed hills in Malaysia, Bukit Larut has remained pretty much as it was years ago, hence it’s low impact on tourism. Up on the peak, the cool weather is a welcome to many visitors mostly nature lovers and birdwatchers. The appeal of the resort lies in its untouched beauty, embellished with flowers, birds and tree ferns.

A few metres below Bukit Larut Rest House is a playground. Nearby it lies a bridge that leads to a watch tower, from where one can have a beautiful view of Taiping. On a clear day, one can even see the coastline all the way from Pangkor Island to Penang.
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Bukit Larut

Astounding Panoramic view from Bukit Larut.

Getting to Bukit Larut

Transportation up to the summit of Bukit Larut is by government Land Rover, for which a small fee is charged. In the old days, pony back rides and sedan chairs were the only mode of transport to go up to Bukit Larut. Today, a 13 kilometers tarred road has been constructed all the way from the foot hill to the summit. The roads are still narrow and steep with very sharp turns.

Land Rover at Bukit Larut

Land Rover that is used for ferrying tourists going up and down of Bukit Larut.

Popular Trails at Bukit Larut

Among the many trails here, the Gunung Hijau trail is the best for bird-watchers. It spirals up towards Gunung Hijau at 1,449 meters above sea level. On a clear day, you can see all of Taiping town and even the Perak coastline from this vantage point.

For nature lovers, the Mountain Giant Fishtail Palm, wild orchids and many other exotic species can be found here. There are various bungalows and rest houses offering comfortable accommodation, most of them built about a century ago. The Bukit Larut Rest House serves local and western cuisine.

misty maxwell hill

A misty afternoon at Maxwell Hill.

Ascending Bukit Larut

Situated about 290 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur and 9 kilometers from Taiping, Bukit Larut is accessible only via government vehicles. This service operates between 8.00am to 5.00pm daily. Bookings for accommodation can be made at the office at the foot of the hill.

Practical Tips

It is advisable to bring along rain gear as it rains quite regularly in Taiping.

Temperature at Maxwell Hill is between 15 and 25 °C and can drop to 10 °C at night.

Bukit Larut is one of the wettest place in Malaysia with heavy rainfall all year round that can reach up to more than 4,000 mm (160 in) yearly.
Source: Wikipedia

Business Hours and Operating Period:

Almost all the hotels, restaurants and private businesses are operating during the usual 8am to 5pm business hours. Some hotels are operating 24/7 and is hardly closed.

Do take note that some restaurants and government offices such as tourism offices are closed on weekend or during public holidays.

Beringin Bungalow Maxwell Hill

The Beringin Bungalow – formerly known as Watson’s Rest House. Located at 1036 m above sea level, it is one of the better maintained bungalows on Maxwell Hill. It consists of a living room, dining area, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

You are recommended to book your tour packages, tour guide, accommodation, hotels and car rentals in advance of your trips.

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